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Chapter 73.3 - You Can Go Secretly Learn

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 73.3: You Can Go Secretly Learn

    Don’t blame him for being so spineless but that lass was really the most outstanding and skilful Elixir Cultivator he had seen in so many years. Back then, he had not even been fully convinced of the old ancestors in the sect and it could be seen now just how much he admired Qing Yu.

    Hearing Bai Zhi Yan sounding so confident of himself, Lou Jun Yao just gave him a highly profound smile and then stood up to walk away.

    Bai Zhi Yan looked at the back of that tall and slender figure and for no reason he suddenly just felt that the guy seemed to be in such a good mood?

    He just could not fathom him out. He felt like he would never be able to comprehend the Lord’s mind.

    — Water Edge Kingdom —

    After about half a month’s journey, the convoy of people finally reached the mysterious kingdom in the sea. This was a nation built in the middle of the vast and boundless ocean and they were approaching closer to it with every step, where it suddenly came to stand right before their eyes.

    There were no boats or vessels around it and it made people can’t help themselves but wonder just how was one supposed to cross that stretch of the sea?

    It was said that the people of the Water Edge Kingdom knew magic but it was just a rumour, where no one really believed that. But no one was also able to explain how they were able to stand upon the water’s surface and not sink, like they were walking as steadily as they were on land, a strange and baffling sight.

    That’s right. Every single one of the soldiers in the convoy had walked over the sea’s surface to cross over to the other side.

    Only one person was different. He relied completely on his deep and profound cultivation to walk over the water, the surging waves below his feet freezing into ice in the instant before he approached, the exact same phenomenon like it had been back at the Green Wave Kingdom’s New Moon Lake.

    The convoy of people quickly reached the Imperial Palace.

    “Respects to the Duke of Vast Seas and the Ninth Princess on your return to the palace!”

    A horde of court officials in the grand hall bowed and chorused, passionately welcoming them back from the bottom of their hearts.

    The atmosphere in the Water Edge Kingdom’s Imperial Court was great. Although the Emperor Yue Mu Chen was frail and sickly, but he possessed unsurpassing intelligence, where no one could compare to him at all. With the support of the Duke of Vast Seas, he ruled over the kingdom very well and all the officials respected him greatly, never was there an instance where people came forward just to flatter and fawn on him.

    From up on the throne, Yue Mu Chen’s eyes were filled with smiles that had been long missed and although his complexion was pale, his eyes were bright and lively. “The trip must have been arduous for the Duke of Vast Seas. Men, quickly bring him a seat.”

    Standing above all but just below one man, only Qing Ye Li was qualified to sit right beside the Emperor.

    The court attendants immediately brought in a soft and comfy chair and placed it on the left side of the dragon throne. Qing Ye Li obeyed the orders and slowly came over to sit down.

    “How was the trip for the Duke of Vast Seas?” Yue Mu Chen asked with concern.

    “It was alright.” Qing Ye Li said indifferently. “But, I received some good news.”

    “Good news?” Yue Mu Chen asked in surprise, and the officials down below perked up their ears curiously.

    “Your Majesty’s health, might be able to be saved.” Qing Ye Li said in a very calm tone, but the words caused the entire hall to erupt.

    “Is that really true? His Majesty can really be saved! ?”

    “If that is really the case, then that’s really great! His Majesty’s health has really worried us very much all these years!”

    “The Duke of Vast Seas is truly the Water Edge’s lucky star, always bring us such great fortune.”

    No matter how excited everyone was, the impact was probably not as great as it was for Yue Mu Chen.

    The man whose emotions were kept well in check suddenly had a slight rosiness rise in his cheeks on the pale but handsome looking face. “Is….. that really true?”

    If it had been anyone else who came to tell him that his illness could be cured, Yue Mu Chen would not believe a single word of it. But it was told to him by Qing Ye Li this time and that made the whole thing a whole lot more believable.

    He had endured too much disappointment over the years where his heart that had been brimming with hope finally sank down into the deepest valley, not daring to harbour any hope after they had been burnt to ashes. Yue Mu Chen was just living through his life one day at a time, where every one more day he still lived was a blessing.