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Chapter 74.1 - You Want to Leave The Water Edge

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 74.1: You Want to Leave The Water Edge

    The man’s voice was not loud. But in that instant that he opened his mouth, the grand hall became quiet, and everyone was carefully waiting to hear the response.

    Before that pair of eyes filled with longing and anticipation, Qing Ye Li nodded his head, his voice seemingly filled with a kind of magical strength that was highly calming to people’s hearts. “On this trip, I found the person that I have been looking for many years, and I have given my word that your Majesty’s condition will definitely improve when that happens.”

    Hearing those words, Yue Mu Chen’s eyes widened. “Are you saying that you’ve really found that highly powerful Elixir Cultivator?”

    “Yes, I have.”

    “Then where is he? Has he come to the Water Edge Kingdom with you? Bring him in quickly!” Yue Mu Chen said rather excitedly.

    Qing Ye Li then gave a soft sigh. “Unfortunately, that person did not come here, but has gifted to me some elixirs before we parted, that would be able to temporarily regulate and condition your Majesty’s body first.”

    With those words, the Emperor seated up above could not help but feel a little disappointed.

    Seeing that, Qing Ye Li’s eyes darkened and his voice was low as he said: “Your Majesty, you body is now too weak and frail and the process has to be slow. Although it cannot be guaranteed that the condition will be completely cured, but we can at least stabilize the condition first so you will not cough out blood any more.”

    “Will it really do that?” Hearing Qing Ye Li say that. Yue Mu Chen was still filled with anticipation.

    As he had this condition that made him cough out blood, everytime his blood and Qi surged, he would suffer an especially hard bout of coughing, expelling a great amount of blood, where his body would then collapse completely.

    If that could be alleviated by just a bit, it would be a lot easier for him.

    “I believe that your Majesty believes in what I say.” Qing Ye Li said expressionlessly. “All other Elixr Cultivators in these lands are not even one tenth of this person.”

    “I will naturally believe the words of the Duke of Vast Seas. But with such a talented person, if we can…..” Yue Mu Chen’s words hesitated slightly, his gaze looking straight at the Qing Ye Li. “I hope that the Duke of Vast Seas will be able to persuade this person to come work for the Water Edge Kingdom.”

    Once that voice fell, the aura around Qing Ye Li changed in an instant. The powerful oppressive aura caused everyone in the grand hall to be unable to breathe and Yue Mu Chen who was nearest to him was implicated as well, his face immediately turning even more pale.

    “For some people, I think it is better that your Majesty does not come to harbour any ideas.” The beast like eyes under the mask were watching the Emperor on the elevated main seat unfeelingly. “It’s enough that the Water Edge has me.”

    The oppressive aura then faded, and everyone was granted relief from the oppression.

    The mysterious and powerful man had given his word to remain in the Water Edge to support Yue Mu Chen because Yue Mu Chen had saved his life many years before and he had put down the chaos that had been sweeping through the kingdom in one fell swoop, allowing the frail and sickly Emperor who had not been able to gain the support of everyone to ascend to the throne, helping Yue Mu Chen firm his hold on the position.

    With his powers, if he had the slightest notion, he could very well have just proclaimed himself to be the Emperor, but he did not. That was enough for people to see his character and how he kept to his word.

    Qing Ye Li did not belong to the Water Edge nor was he even from these very lands. Everyone all thought this was the will of the Heavens, to have him descend among them, and help the Water Edge Kingdom become the strongest kingdom.

    But they have forgotten that Qing Ye Li was never a person they could ever control. Although Yue Mu Chen was the emperor, the two people did not interact with each other like the way it should be between an Emperor and his minister, but was more like friends standing on equal grounds.

    Yue Mu Chen had gotten a little too anxious just now and his tone of voice had unconsciously sounded a little like he was giving a command.

    But Qing Ye Li did not mind such insignificant details in the least. What bothered him was that Yue Mu Chen should not have come to harbour any thoughts of recruiting Qing Yu under them.

    She was meant to be high up above people from the moment she was born, and no one was qualified enough to make her submit.