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Chapter 74.2 - You Want to Leave The Water Edge

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 74.2: You Want to Leave The Water Edge

    Yue Mu Chen was startled for a moment by the insidious cold in the man’s eyes before he shook his head and laughed. “I have merely been too excited and lost myself for a moment. I do not mean anything by that.”

    “Your Majesty should know how haughty and arrogant a high level Elixir Cultivator is, never submitting themselves to anyone easily, and it is only because of me that the person is willing to lend a helping hand.” Qing Ye Li said and then passed the two little porcelain bottles to the attendant. “The dosage is indicated on them and it will help regulate his Majesty’s condition.”

    “You’ve gone to so much trouble.” Yue Mu Chen said gratefully.

    “Your Majesty, I have a presumptuous request to make.” Qing Ye Li suddenly stood up and opened his mouth to say. Although he had stated it as a request, his tone of voice was determined and resolute. “I would like to, resign from my position as the Duke of Vast Seas!”


    Once those words came out, not only Yue Mu Chen, but all the court officials below were stunned in their spots. To all of them, it was as devastating as being struck by a bolt out of the blue.

    The Duke of Vast Seas was the Water Edge’s god of war and the very soul of the entire army’s morale. If he was no longer with them, the Water Edge Kingdom would definitely be thrown into chaos.

    Yue Mu Chen’s face changed slightly and then slowly said: “Why do you want to resign? Are you thinking of….. leaving the Water Edge?”

    “That’s right.” Qing Ye Li answered.

    “For so many years, it is only because the Duke of Vast Seas, you, existed here that our Water Edge Kingdom was able to grow by the day, rising up to be the top among the Three Great Kingdoms. If you are not with us, all those smaller neighbouring countries sitting restless around us would jump at the opportunity and the Water Edge Kingdom would be placed in a dangerous situation. I sincerely ask that you reconsider!”

    A tall and burly general among the officials clasped his hand over his fist and knelt on one knee, his face grave as he spoke. All the other officials then followed suit, the entire hall falling to their knees in a flurry.

    “We beg that the Duke of Vast Seas consider!”

    “Duke of Vast Seas, the Water Edge Kingdom cannot do without you!”

    “Will the Duke of Vast Seas please stay! ?”

    Seeing the scene before his eyes, Qing Ye Li’s eyes darkened, his thin red lips stiffening up.

    As for Yue Mu Chen, except for the shock he showed right at the beginning, he had now become calm. He got up from his Dragon Throne and came walking one step at a time to stand before Qing Ye Li, his pale white lips slightly curled up. “All the way from the beginning, I have known that this day would come sooner or later, but I had not thought that it would be so sudden.”

    “Is it because you have found that person that you have not been able to find all this time?”

    Yue Mu Chen still remembered that right from the beginning, the was another big reason why Qing Ye Li had remained here in the Water Edge Kingdom besides repaying the debt for saving his life. He was looking for a person who could possibly have fallen into this world like him, and in the ten over years he had stayed in the Water Edge, he had sent people out across the oceans to search, but it had been to no avail.

    And this time he had merely gone on a trip to the Green Wave Kingdom and he had immediately made such a request upon coming back. Yue Mu Chen’s quick wits had guessed that was the case in an instant.

    Qing Ye Li could not deny his words. “That person heard that you saved my life and took the initiative to say that if there is an opportunity to come to the Water Edge, your Majesty’s health will definitely be restored. And I….. from very long ago, I have always been by that person’s side, never ever parted for such a long period of time.”

    Yue Mu Chen laughed softly. “I am very curious what kind of person can make you do this. But I think that it must be a lady of extraordinary beauty!”

    That was the only plausible scenario that even someone like Qing Ye Li would be wrapped around someone’s finger like this.

    “If fate decrees, you will see her too.”

    Yue Mu Chen suddenly turned his back around, and signaled to his attendant.

    The attendant immediately stepped forward and announced to all the officials in court: “Today’s morning court ends here. Court is dismissed!”