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Chapter 75.1 - Prodigious Youth

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 75.1: Prodigious Youth

    Looked at the man there suppressing his rage and not daring to speak, his face looking highly aggrieved, the middle aged man snorted derisively before he said: “If you can spare the effort to think how to get back at Baili Ji Ran, why not think how you can raise up the might of the Carefree Valley instead, so we can surpass the bunch of self righteous and sanctimonious hypocrites in the Faint Mist Sect and the Limitless Sect.”

    “Your subordinate has not thought it through clearly.” The man said in a soft voice and his face then showed a tinge of delight. “Although Baili Ji Ran stole the thunder this time, but both Qian Shang and Qian Chen performed outstandingly in the All Saint’s Day festival. Especially Qian Shang, who brought back the noble title of the male saint and was bestowed with many precious items by the Emperor together with one wish granted to him.”

    Hearing that, the middle aged man finally showed a kinder expression on his face. “Qian Shang is indeed an invaluable sprout of ours and his future is inestimable if he is properly groomed. Even the legendary top level lands, Cloud Heaven might not be beyond his reach.”

    “The Valley Chief is indeed farsighted.”

    On another side, ever since Yan Ning Luo suggested for her sisters to go for the Faint Mist Sect’s recruitment tryouts, Yan Su started to place quite a bit of emphasis on that. He went out of his way to employ a elderly coach who had many years of experience teaching in the Faint Mist Sect before. The old man had gotten injured in an accident in the past and because he did not want to hold the sect back, he chose to quit from his position.

    Yan Su was acquainted with the old man and even Yan Ning Luo had received instruction from him before.

    At that moment in the Eternal Peace Duke Manor’s training hall, the sisters Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu were there together with Qing Yu and Qing Bei. Yan Su had sent people bright and early in the morning, informing them to wait here.

    Although Qing Bei was still deceptively seated in his wheelchair, but as Yun Qi had told Yan Su a few days ago that the youth’s condition was improving by the day and the chances of him standing up was very great, Yan Su was of the mind that within half a year, Qing Bei might be able to stand up. Hence, Yan Su had asked Qing Bei come along as well.

    It was probably because she was about to leave behind a life of fine luxury, it was not so bad for Yan Xi Wu whose personality was a little more steady, but that change was total upheaval for Yan Xi Rou where from being a slightly more busty beauty, she lost a whole round of weight, turning thin and slender, and any amount of pretty clothes or accessories was still unable to pique her interest.

    Yan Xi Wu merely kept a straight and calm face throughout it all, a striking contrast against Yan Xi Rou.

    Roughly a cup of tea’s time later, footsteps sounded from outside, one slightly heavier and strong, the other lighter with its tread. Very soon, two people were seen walking in, where Yan Su led a thin looking old man who was not all that tall inside.

    The old man was dressed in cloth made from plain and simple clothes, his hair half streaked with white. Although rather advanced in age, he seemed to be highly energetic and his eyes did not show the slightest bit of deterioration, sharp and incisive, looking like he was a man not prone to smiling.

    “All of you come over quickly and let me introduce you.” Yan Su waved his hand at the few of them. “This is Elder Qin Fang Qin, a teacher I invited here to help all of you increase your powers in these six months and to teach you some techniques to pass the Faint Mist Sect’s trials, that will enable you to gain entry to go learn more inside.”

    After saying that, he turned his head back and said to the old man: “Elder Qin, these are a few of my rather inept children who are a little less gifted than Little Ning, and I hope that Elder Qin can work on them a little.”

    Qin Fang nodded his head. “Your Highness is just putting it too gravely. If these Young Masters and Young Missus really put their hearts into it, this old man will give them everything I have to help.”

    Yan Su reminded the few of them that they were to respect the elder and not try any tricks to slack off or there would be quite a bit of suffering awaiting them.