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Chapter 75.3 - Prodigious Youth

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 75.3: Prodigious Youth

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow when she saw that gold mixed with red. [Why does she feel that….. she has seen that elemental power before? !]

    “Mistress, that is the Blaze element. Children who are descended from the bloodline of that long ancient family would inherit this gift, and the Blaze element in Mistress’ body is even stronger than the kid’s.” Zang Mai’s tiny voice said from inside her body.

    “Blaze element?” Qing Yu was hearing that for the first time and she could not help but feel curious. “Then, what is so special about this element?”

    “It gives the ability to self heal. No matter how severe the injury is, the wielder of this element will be able to heal and restore himself. The attack ability of the Blaze element is even more dominant and ferocious than the Snow element and at its peak, it is able to kill a super expert with just one hit.” Zang Mai explained.

    Qing Yu could not help but smack her lips when she heard that. “It’s really that powerful? Isn’t that as good as cheating with a divine artifact? Even when one is beaten up half to death, he will still be able to recover very quickly, and not know exhaustion.”

    “That will be the case under most circumstances, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. One can only be injured once a day and if they continue to get hurt, the pain felt would be ten times the norm.”

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..” [How terrifying, better not get injured.]

    On the other side, Qin Fang’s eyes that were looking at Qing Bei had already changed completely, undoubtedly seeing him as a peerless prodigy, one that even surpassed the greatest female prodigy, Yan Ning Luo.

    Although Qing Yu checked out with a Fire element after that but compared to Qing Bei’s Lightning element and another transformed Gold element, hers did not come to be all that impressive anymore.

    Among these four people here, Qing Bei’s gifts were the most outstanding and Qin Fang was exceptionally amiable towards him. But when he saw him sitting upon a wheelchair, he could not help but feel a tinge of regret. With such exemplary gifts and he was confined to a wheelchair. A classic example of the Heavens being jealous of heroes!

    “What is your name?” Qin Fang asked as he looked at the youth with a gentle gaze.

    “Responding to the Elder’s words, I am called Yan Qing Bei, and this is my sister, Yan Qing Yu.”

    Although he did not know how Qing Yu had managed to suppress her gifts to make it appear so ordinary, which threw him into the limelight, he was still not willing to have anyone slight him in anyway.

    Qin Fang nodded his head. “Not bad, not bad. The both of you are rather good. As for your legs…..”

    “The Elder can rest assured. My legs are already on its way to recovery. The Lord Elixir Cultivator in the palace has said that I will definitely be able to stand up within half a year’s time.” Qing Bei opened his mouth to say.

    “That’s great. Otherwise, if your physical mobility is affected, it will greatly affect your chances of being accepted into the Faint Mist Sect.” Qin Fang nodded his head to say, looking satisfied.

    Yan Xi Wu’s gaze darkened, her fists tightening up, but did not say a word.

    Yan Xi Rou’s eyes had grown red rimmed, her gaze filling up with hatred as she stared at Qing Yu and Qing Bei who were getting all the attention, and she bit her full and luscious lip so hard that blood trickled out.

    [Why was she born with such a useless and trashy body constitution but those two little bastards who had always been inferior to her, children born from a lowly concubine, could possibly possess such prodigious gifts?]

    [She did not want to go to whatever Faint Mist Sect at all but right at that moment, she had already been shamed and completely humiliated.]

    Qin Fang then gave the young youth more instructions before he turned towards Yan Xi Wu and said: “Your talent is rather weak and you have just started to comprehend elemental powers. But it is still not too late and what you have to learn to do now is to absorb the spirit energy from your surroundings to strengthen your cultivation and I will teach you how to do that in a while.”

    “Yes.” Yan Xi Wu answered.

    After Qin Fang finished saying that, he then turned to the pale faced Yan Xi Rou. “As for you…..”