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Chapter 76.1 - Upgraded Lightning Summoning Palm

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 76.1: Upgraded Lightning Summoning Palm

    Qin Fang’s voice paused a moment before he said: “Learn to comprehend your elemental power first. From ancient times, people with useless spirit foundations had seen miracles happen before. You are of the Earth element and if you can raise your defensive abilities, you can become a very good supporting force.”

    “Thank you Elder for your pointers.” Yan Xi Rou said submissively.

    Qin Fang was exceptionally amiable towards Qing Bei and hence he gifted the youth a martial arts technique cultivation manual the first time they met called the <<Lightning Summoning Palm>>. Qing Yu had probably gained some favour as well on account of her younger brother as Qin Fang was also all smiles towards her as he taught her a set of cultivation chants for Fire element wielders that would help increase her powers.

    Those actions had undoubtedly caused Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu to further hate the pair of siblings out of jealousy.

    After that, the few of them then started with their first day’s training while Qin Fang remained on the side to observe them in silence.

    Firstly, on Yan Xi Wu’s side, although her level of talent was average, she won out on being willing to put in effort. Under Qin Fang’s guidance, from her ignorance of the Water element in the beginning, she was actually able to form up a stream in the end skillfully as she willed it, surprising even herself.

    When she first just came to comprehend elemental powers, she was only able to form up a few droplets, which would disappear in a mere instant.

    She was now actually able to call forth such a great amount of water, and all of that under her control. The discontent and disappointment Yan Xi Wu had felt before quickly evaporated, turning into such a huge surprise where she then said very gratefully: “Elder, have I improved?”

    Qin Fang nodded his head solemnly. “Not bad, you aren’t really all that dense. Continue practising!”


    In contrast, Yan Xi Ruo with her “useless” talent soon came to affirm her title as “useless”.

    Qin Fang had shown her extra attention and told her how to search for her elemental power in her sea of consciousness, to look for it bit by bit and capture them all in the end, to transform them into her own power.

    “Close your eyes and keep your mind free of distractions. Cleanse out your consciousness. You cannot hear anything, you cannot see anything, and before you is just a endless sea of stars.”

    “There are some specks of light around you. Slowly go close to them and try to interact with them. That is the elemental power in your body and you need to get them all to return back into your body before you can completely awaken the Earth element…..”

    Yan Xi Rou did based on what Qin Fang told her but when she closed her eyes, it was pitch black before her, nothing that she could see. She knitted her brows together and tried very hard to calm herself down, as she attempted to sense the elemental powers around her.

    “Now, do you see them?” Qin Fang’s hesitant and friendly sounding voice rang out.

    “No, there is nothing at all.” Yan Xi Rou shut her eyes tightly and said in exasperation.

    Qin Fang’s brows furrowed together. “You need to search without any distractions in your heart. If your heart is not calm, you will not be able to come sense the faint elemental power.”

    Yan Xi Rou’s brows knitted up more tightly together. But the harder she forced herself to calm down, and to not think of a single thing, her heart just grew more frustrated and angry which caused her eyes to flare open in rage. “No distractions in my heart. How can I not be distracted? My mind is completely filled with thoughts of those two bastards Qing Yu and Qing Bei! Based on what can those two who are of such lowly birth possess gifts so much better than mine! ? I cannot accept that! They should be the useless pieces of trash and I should be the prodigious one! !”

    She had probably held everything inside for too long and Yan Xi Rou was not about to care about anything this time, but to vent everything she held repressed inside out.

    Qin Fang was startled by her reaction and his already stern looking face then darkened further before he snorted derisively and turned around to leave, tossing out a single statement saying: “Nothing can be carved out of rotten wood.”