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Chapter 76.3 - Upgraded Lightning Summoning Palm

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 76.3: Upgraded Lightning Summoning Palm

    “What a rascal!” Qing Yu rolled her eyes at him. “Can’t you see that it’s because the old Elder likes you that is why he is giving such a precious martial art manual to you? What he had is just this incomplete copy and moreover he is not a Lightning element user wielder himself so what good will it do him to hide it for himself?”

    Being admonished, Qing Bei pouted and said: “I was merely just saying that casually only!”

    Qing Yu rubbed her chin thoughtfully, and looked carefully at the words indicated inside the manual. “Only when the powers of Lightning and Flame are combined will their powers be brought to its peak….. Could that really be the case…..”

    The frail and slender looking beauty then gathered her entire body’s energies together and she swiped the tip of her finger over the centre of her forehead. When she opened her eyes again, gold and red light flashed for a brief instant before immediately fading away. She flipped her bare open palm over and a ball of red and golden light had formed up in her hand, looking even more bright and brilliant against the fair and white skin of her hand.

    “The power of Lightning Flame….. generally calls for the Fire element to be infused within.”

    Qing Yu said softly, and then before Qing Bei’s surprised expression and Qin Fang’s stunned and incredulous stare from a far distance away, her palm then made a sizzling noise, clearly displaying the blue and purple coloured light of the Lightning element.

    With her body straight and erect, she raised her palm up high, the power from the two elements fused together immediately causing the clear sky to darken, the ominous grey hanging up above suddenly rumbling with thunder before a bolt of lightning came striking down. Seeing that, Qing Yu quickly dispersed the power as that bolt of lightning had struck merely a few meters away from her and everything then disappeared, while the sky gradually went back to normal.

    Here they were playing with the weather which properly terrified a whole bunch of people outside.

    “What is happening! ? With such clear skies for miles and a bolt suddenly just appeared out of the blue! ?”

    “Have I been possessed? I almost thought that I was going to be killed by that bolt! Never thought that I would still be alive!”

    “Could it be possible that some unmatched experts are fighting a duel around here?”

    “This is just too dangerous. I had better go find a safe place for me to hide before I get caught up in an unexpected disaster.”

    And over at the training square, Qing Bei looked at the skies that had returned to normal and suddenly gulped before he said mechanically: “That bolt of lightning just now, I almost thought I would not be able to escape disaster.”

    That feeling was just too real!

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes, looking rather innocently at him. “I was merely showing you how it’s supposed to be done. That Lightning Summoning Palm manual is indeed lacking and there is much room for improvement.”

    “But, with that huge commotion you summoned in just now, I would think that the Elder knows about it already.” Qing Bei said in helplessness.

    “So what? Just tell him that it was you who was practicing the Lightning Summoning Palm just now. With your prodigious talent, the old man will just think that you have very strong comprehension ability and will not suspect anything.” Qing Yu said with an indifferent expression on her face.

    “But Elder Qin seems to have witnessed it all.” Qing Bei said with a shrug of his shoulders, and pointed his finger behind her.

    Qing Yu had not noticed when Qin Fang had come as she had probably been too focused just now and her senses had dulled a little.

    Hence when she turned her head around, she immediately saw that stern face of Qin Fang’s staring at her like she was some monster, like he was thinking just how many kinds of elemental powers she was able to wield, and was also able to circumvent the Gift Stone’s detection. It must be known that the Gift Stone he possessed in his hands was a lot more accurate than the one in the Faint Mist Sect.

    Unless….. her real prowess had already far surpassed the boundaries that the Gift Stone was able to assess!