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Chapter 77.1 - Real Geniuses Really Do Keep A Low Profile

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 77.1: Real Geniuses Really Do Keep A Low Profile

    He had been thinking before that the two of them looked so very much alike and it could be seen with just one look that they were a pair of dragon phoenix twins from the same mother, so how could it be possible that the younger brother possessed such Heaven defying gift while the elder sister was just so ordinary.

    Never had he thought that the lass was merely just hiding her powers and had purposely pretended to be inconspicuous when her gifted talent might just be so much higher than that already prodigious youth!

    Wouldn’t that mean that the Constellation Lands would soon undergo a tumultuous change? To think that such young children were already so powerful and possibly unmatched by others.

    Qin Fang stood still in his spot as he contemplated that fact for a good while before he walked over with a rather complicated gaze to look at the slightly embarrassed young lady. He hesitated before he asked: “How many elemental attributes can you wield?”

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes looking highly innocent and then replied: “I do not know Elder. Wasn’t the Gift Stone unable to identify it accurately as well?”

    “…..” Qin Fang almost vomited out a mouthful of his old blood.

    [You say that the Gift Stone was unable to identify it? It is clear that it’s this little monster who is intentionally hiding her real strength!]

    “I saw that you were able to use Gold, Fire, and Lightning earlier, three elements at the same time, and judging from the intensity of the spirit light, they have already been cultivated to reach the higher levels.” Qin Fang’s eyes were looking at her sharply. “You have to be honest with me before I can help you achieve greater advancement based on your real abilities.”

    Qing Yu was feeling rather helpless. She wanted to thank the old Elder but she really did not need any help from him. Moreover, the <<Sacred Burial Arts>> she was cultivating was not the same as the martial arts in these lands. If she were to cultivate based on Qin Fang’s method, it might very well come to contradict and repel what she was practicing.

    Qing Bei on the side saw that helpless expression on his elder sister’s face and she paused a moment before she said: “Elder, to be entirely honest, Qing Yu had concealed her real strength because she is afraid people with ill intentions will come to notice her. She will have no problem being accepted into the Faint Mist Sect as besides this, she is also a Elixir Cultivator.”

    Qin Fang’s eyes bulged wide once again. “Elixir Cultivator?”

    With just those two words, not to mention just being accepted into the Faint Mist Sect. If the teachers in there knew this, they would all surely be frantically fighting for her. She was a dual cultivation prodigy, extremely rare to see!

    “Good good good. Such a rare and promising talent!” Qin Fang revealed a rare smile on his face. “Looks like the children of the Duke of Eternal Peace are extraordinary indeed. In the near future, you will surely surpass your elder sister and take over her title as the greatest female prodigy!”

    Qing Bei curled up a corner of his lips in disdain. [Who cares for that title? If they were really to be compared, Qing Yu would definitely leave Yan Ning Luo in the dust a few streets behind! Only that woman would care for such self ingratiating titles.]

    “It seems like the two of you will definitely be getting into the Faint Mist Sect. In that case I will not teach the two of you much.”Qin Fang said nodding his head. “But after being accepted into the Faint Mist Sect, the sect will send their disciples out on missions. Some time later, I will make arrangements to send the few of you out for training to acquire some battle experience. But as the cultivation of the other two young missus is really inadequate, we need to wait for a period.”

    Qin Fang shook his head and sighed when he finished, his heart contemplating why there was such a great disparity between people from the same family. But having discovered two such excellent sprouts, Qin Fang’s mood improved greatly. He just liked seeing such hardworking and exuberant young people.

    There was nothing to worry about on this side. He merely reminded the two of them that they were to continue to work hard on their cultivation and were not to let up before he turned himself around to go see how the sisters Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu were doing.

    Outside, because of the two lightning bolts that struck out of the completely clear skies, it had stirred up quite a big commotion.

    The Faint Mist Sect was respected as the top sect and the thing they were most well known for was how mysterious they were. Unless someone from within the sect led the way, or no one would be able to find its entrance.