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Chapter 77.2 - Real Geniuses Really Do Keep A Low Profile

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 77.2: Real Geniuses Really Do Keep A Low Profile

    People of the world said that the Faint Mist Sect was a place that immortals lived, far above the Nine Heavens beyond the reach of mere mortals. Inside the place were dazzling bejeweled palaces of jade and marble, classy and opulent, too beautiful for words. One would see young men and women elegant as the gods in full white robes everywhere, eating the fruits of immortals and drinking the nectar of the Heavens, riding the wind as they moved, living lives that mortals longed for and looked up to.

    Of course most of what was said were highly exaggerated, but as the sect was really just too mysterious and that was why they had been made out to be so dreamy and mystifying, nothing like the mortal realm.

    But it was true for some parts of the place. The Faint Mist Sect was really located in a high geographical location, high above the ground upon the peak of an extremely high mountain. Up in there the cloud swirled, and over the mountain’s side hung a rapid and torrential waterfall that was like the silver rivers of the Nine Heavens, flowing down unceasingly.

    And the entrance into the Faint Mist Sect was upon that very peak, behind that waterfall.

    This moment was when the sect’s disciples carried out their morning training and sparring. The two loud explosive sounds had not only caused the people to become panicked, even the Faint Mist Sect who was shut out from the world in this place felt the repercussions.

    A whole group of Elders and teachers were all gathered together to discuss about it, leaving the disciples to gossip and debate, their thoughts running all over the place.

    In the Faint Mist Sect’s meeting hall, six people sat on each side of the hall, a total of twelve. They were the Faint Mist Sect’s highly senior Elders who had the right to speak and held great authourity, with some of them holding positions as senior teachers as well.

    And the one person seated up on the main seat was a young man who looked to be only about thirty years of age, good looking and cultured, seemingly highly amiable.

    Most people would probably not dare to believe that the Sect Leader of the Faint Mist Sect would actually be such a young man.

    But only these members in their inner circle knew that the gentle and refined look of the man was only a facade. Otherwise, how would he be able to hold down all those old and crafty bunch of hungry wolves so shrewd and subtle seated below.

    The young man up on the main seat rested his chin in his hand that was resting on the arm of his chair and said offhandedly: “Everyone has probably heard the lightning strikes earlier. What do all of you think is the reason?”

    A old man wearing a long brown robe said after a moment’s pause: “From what I think, that was probably the reverberation caused by a wielder of Lightning, and he might have been advancing through a level.”

    “Advancing through a level? Elder Mo, have your eyes grown blurry with age? That bolt of lightning had clearly been infused with two other elements, with Gold and Fire. It must have been several highly skilled experts dueling each other.” Another younger man said in rebuttal.

    The bunch of people argued incessantly below with only one exception. He looked not much older than the young man up on the main seat as he sat there with his brows furrowed together, like he was contemplating on a tough issue.

    The corners of the young man’s lips curled up with an amused smile and his eyebrow then arched up as he asked: “Elder Yan, do you know what that was?”

    The man who was called out was taken aback when he heard that and his brows knitted up even more tightly together. “I have a few ideas about it in mind, but I am thinking that that is just too preposterous…..”

    “It wouldn’t hurt to speak your mind. You are the only Lightning element wielder in here and you should have the most right to speak about it.” The young man said.

    The others all halted their arguing and turned to look at Elder Yan.

    Although Elder Yan was not the oldest among this group of people, but almost everyone in there would not doubt his words.

    Because not only he was a high level expert, he was also an oracle, very rarely seen. He had helped the sect avoid calamity several times and he held a very high position among the Faint Mist Sect’s twelve elders.

    “What does Elder Yan mean by your words? Could it possibly be an expert from the higher realms?” The young man’s smiling demeanor suddenly faded away, before he opened his mouth to ask.