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Chapter 77.3 - Real Geniuses Really Do Keep A Low Profile

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 77.3: Real Geniuses Really Do Keep A Low Profile

    “I am merely guessing. But if it’s not someone from the higher realms, then if that powerful strike that was infused with three element types had not been retracted by the wielder in time but had allowed the lightning bolts to fall, it would definitely draw down calamity from the Heavens upon us.” Elder Yan opened his mouth to say slowly, his tone of voice solemn. “Even for me who has already cultivated the Lightning element to its peak would find it difficult to achieve that but that person….. had clearly only used about three tenths of his powers.”

    “Is Elder Yan able to deduce where this person is at?”

    “Unfortunately, the other party retracted his powers too quickly and I was not able to augur his position.” Elder Yan said a little regretfully as he shook his head, his eyes darkening. “But I can be certain that this person’s general location is within the Green Wave Kingdom that is the closest to the Faint Mist Sect.”

    “Green Wave Kingdom?” The good looking young man’s eyes narrowed up. “Isn’t the young lass Yan Ning Luo from the Green Wave? Seems like the Green Wave Kingdom is really filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons!”

    “Sect Leader, why not let me go investigate into this matter?” Elder Yan opened his mouth to ask.

    The young man curled up his lips and smiled, his beautiful eyes looking highly profound and thoughtful as he stared off into the distance. “No need for that. I have a feeling that this person….. will come to meet with me in the near future.”


    A different feeling from living life on the edge back in Cloud Heaven for so many years, being able to wake up every morning to hear the hollering voices of the hawkers peddling their wares along the streets.

    Having been able to regulate and recondition his body’s constitution in this low leveled lands for the past few years, it had caused the flamboyantly tyrannical Lou Jun Yao to start liking living a peaceful life like this, even though such a kind of life had merely been his way of numbing himself throughout that period.

    His tall slender frame stood by the window, his gaze suddenly sharpened and the aura around his body intensified slightly. And within the perimeter of that slightly spaced out gaze, a figure had suddenly walked within his sight.

    She was wearing a simple long white dress. Among ten people that passed by on the street, about six would be wearing white. But it was just this person who made plain white clothes so eye catching.

    A head of long hair reaching her waist was loosely held by a hairpin, looking so languid and indifferent. Her long upslanted phoenix like eyes were alluringly mesmerizing, like they were forever exuding a kind of enchanting aura. Below that perky and high bridged nose was a set of light pink lips, tinged with a smile just like those eyes, that exquisitely beautiful little face looking just like a seductive little fox.

    She was clearly a young lady still looking slightly puerile and pure, but her countenance was however so alluring and mesmerizing, that added a sense of maturity to her.

    Compared to when she had first come out disguised as a young lad, having changed back to women’s clothing, her charm seemed to have been raised up to reach another point.

    “Little Brother, give me two trays of Flavourful Crystal Buns.”

    Qing Yu woke up early and she had come out for a walk after her morning practice. She had then smelled the fragrance and thought that the rascal Qing Bei would surely like to have some, so she had come to buy them back for him.

    This stall selling breakfast was very famous in the Imperial Capital and there was always a long snaking queue everyday bright and early in the morning. Although its premises were not big, but the cook was great and the people loved the taste of the stall’s food.

    When Qing Yu joined the queue, there were about ten people in front of her. But all those people had been eager for her to take their spots in the queue. She was just about to refuse politely when all of them quickly went one by one to queue up behind her, where she then became the first person in the queue.

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..”

    [The Green Wave Kingdom’s people, are really so courteous and considerate.]

    The young assistant who was busy selling the buns had initially been puzzled why everyone had suddenly jumped to the back of the queue but when he heard such a gentle and pleasing voice, he immediately raised his head up and very nearly had two streams of blood spurting right out from his nose.

    [What a lucky day it is for him! To be able to see such a beautiful young lady so early in the morning!]