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Chapter 78.1 - Teasing To Turn Out Being Teased

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 78.1: Teasing To Turn Out Being Teased

    The bun stall’s assistant stared at the young miss and was mesmerized for a moment before he immediately packed two trays of buns nimbly into a bag, lifting it up with both hands to hand it over to Qing Yu. “Miss, please be careful with the buns.”

    “Thanks.” Qing Yu accepted the buns feeling rather amused, before she pulled out a gold coin from inside her sleeve and placed it on the table, all prepared to leave.

    “Hold it Young Miss!” The young stall assistant called out to her when he saw that, and returned the coin to her. “You’ve paid too much for the buns. And our shopkeeper said that it’s affinity that we came to meet today, so how can he allow a person as beautiful as a goddess to be tainted by material things like money, so these two small trays of buns will be a treat from the shopkeeper.”


    [She only wanted to buy a few buns. Why does this little lad have so many thoughts about it?]

    Of course she still paid for them in the end, and the young stall assistant then watched her leave with regret in his eyes.

    Lou Jun Yao watched the entire comedic scene from beginning to end. With such a nakedly penetrating gaze, how could Qing Yu possibly not have noticed it? But as the Gathered Cloud Loft’s location was so great, one was able to see many things that happened throughout the entire Imperial Capital from here.

    She had coincidentally also brought out the bottle of antidote elixirs she had finished cultivating sometime before when she came out today.

    Lou Jun Yao then saw the young lady brazenly walking straight towards the Gathered Cloud Loft and his eyes flashed with a glint. Bai Zhi Yan was in the Fragrance Court right at that moment and there were only a scattered few people dressed up as waiters to serve any patrons that came in.

    Though it was said they were there to serve patrons, but it was thought that their style of doing that could not be any more strange than any other teahouse throughout the whole Imperial Capital.

    One person stood guarding the door as he leaned against the doorframe, his eyes staring wide. When people walked up to the place, his eyes did not even blink once, but just stood there unmoving like a rock. Qing Yu was feeling rather curious and she went closer to go take a look, only to hear the sound of even breathing.

    [A….. Asleep? Sleeping with his eyes open? ?]

    A corner of Qing Yu’s eye twitched, but she continued walking inside with any change in her demeanor.

    Upon a table around the corner, a grey robed person was sprawled over a table sleeping soundly away and in that large quiet hall, the sound of water dripping could be heard intermittently. Looking more carefully, she then saw that it was from the person who was sleeping so soundly he did not realize his drool was dripping down.

    There was a waiter behind the counter who looked somewhat a little more normal, his chin propped up by the palm of one hand while his other hand clicked an abacus in a flurry, at a very fast speed. Qing Yu was just about to go forward and ask him something when her expression on her face froze.

    That person was actually clicking speedily with one hand while asleep, his mouth open and snoring loudly.

    Qing Yu could not find any words to describe the situation. “…..” [Bright and early in the day and they are all sleeping so soundly one after another? !]

    [They could almost be mistaken to be dead! She had already come in here for so long and not a single one of them has even reacted at all! !]

    Fortunately there wasn’t anything of great value in there or even if people had emptied out the place, none of these fellas would know a thing at all.

    “Come on up!” Lou Jun Yao said standing at the second floor’s railing as he looked at the exasperated expression on the young lady’s face, and he could not help but burst out laughing.

    Qing Yu raised her head up and looked at him suspiciously. “Did you make all your subordinates go thieving around the whole of last night? All of them are sleeping just like pigs!”

    “Why should I have anything to do with that?” Lou Jun Yao replied, blinking his handsome looking violet eyes innocently. “Maybe it’s because they enjoy a more fulfilling night life?”

    “…..” [What a blood vomiting inducing answer.]

    Qing Yu stiffened her lips and then went upstairs to the second floor to discover that it was completely quiet upstairs, like he was the only person there. She then arched up an eyebrow and asked: “Where’s Bai Zhi Yan?”

    Those two were always never apart and she had almost seen the two of them together every single time. Hence, when she discovered that the other one was not here, she could not help but feel a little strange.

    “He’s at the back.”