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Chapter 78.2 - Teasing To Turn Out Being Teased

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 78.2: Teasing To Turn Out Being Teased

    The back meant the Fragrance Court. Qing Yu had gone there a few times when she had disguised herself as a boy and she knew the way in there rather well.

    “Then I’ll just wait for him here for awhile. He wouldn’t take long would he?” Qing Yu asked as she sat herself down, conveniently placing the item in her hand upon the table.

    Lou Jun Yao’s gaze swept over it for a moment. His mind then remembered the scene he just saw and his eyes filled up with mirth.

    “Are you hungry?”

    Seeing his gaze fixed upon the buns she had just bought, Qing Yu thought that he was hungry and she pushed a portion of it over to him. “Eat it if you’re hungry. I bought two portions.”

    The piping hot and exquisitely made crystal buns had a light pink tinge and Lou Jun Yao was caught with a rare stunned expression for a moment, like this was the first time he was encountering such a situation. “For me?”

    He must not be blamed for not knowing how to react as having lived for centuries, no one had ever treated him like this.

    The wilfully arrogant man saw everything in the world to be beneath him, an existence that was worshipped as a god. Who would have thought that he was still human? Who would have thought that he slept and ate just like any other human?

    Those penetrating eyes immediately seemed to have been possessed right at that instant.

    Having not seen such an expression that could be termed as “foolish” on this fella’s face before, Qing Yu raised her eyes up in surprise and stretched a hand out to wave it before him. “Don’t tell me you have never seen this before.”

    It hadn’t been said but Lou Jun Yao who had abstained from grains for such a long time no longer found satisfying one’s appetite all that attractive anymore and hence all these things that mortals ate was something he really did not understand completely.

    Seeing his expression, Qing Yu knew that he had definitely not eaten such a thing before and for just a brief instant, her eyes suddenly flashed with a glint and a evil idea rose up in her mind.

    She handed the chopsticks next to the box of food to the man and said with a smile: “Do you want to give it a try? It’s really very good.”

    It was probably because the sudden gentle warmth the young lady was showing in that instant that was so alluring, her eyes two smiling arcs, transforming into an charmingly naive and pitiful looking pet fox that caused Lou Jun Yao’s heart to soften, and failing to notice the crafty mirth hidden beneath those eyes narrowed with smile.

    He accepted the chopsticks and picked up one of the crystal buns. Looking at it for a moment, and seeing the young lady’s earnest and harmless gaze watching him, he brought it to his lips and bit it lightly.

    Thereafter, something highly comedic then happened.

    The laughter restrained at the corners of Qing Yu’s lips could not be held back any further and she went “pfft” in a huge burst of laughter.

    The man’s face immediately froze and the expression then cracked and fissured inch by inch, the sparkling bright violet eyes turning dark.

    The crystal buns had very thin skin and was filled to its brim with fillings, every single one of them plump and fat, the juices thick and abundant. If someone was eating it for the first time without prior experience, they were guaranteed to get the bun’s juice squirt and splatter over their faces and clothes.

    And although Lou Jun Yao had merely taken a small apprehensive bite, but he was still caught off guard when then hot juices from the bun sprayed onto his face. The handsome face that was carefully carved and crafted by the gods had oily meat soup juice hanging upon it at that moment, flowing down along the perfect jawline before it dripped off the chin onto the table, looking hilariously funny no matter how one looked at it.

    The air turned deathly silent….. No, besides the young lady’s unsuppressable peals of laughter, gasping hard for air to catch her breath.

    “HAHAHAHAHA…… You….. Wheeze….. Don’t look at me like that HAHAHA…..”

    Qing Yu was doubled over in laughter as she slumped back in her chair and held her stomach, tears spilling out from the corners of her beautiful eyes.

    She did not know why herself, but when she saw that haughty demeanor of that man, the thought of playing a prank on him suddenly struck her, and the fact lay before her that the way he looked now was really very funny, seemingly a lot more warm and human.