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Chapter 78.3 - Teasing To Turn Out Being Teased

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 78.3: Teasing To Turn Out Being Teased

    It was probably because she had not laughed so hard without restraint for such a long time that once it started, she could not stop.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes narrowed, but seeing the little fox laughing so happily, he did not feel all that angry but just curled up the ends of his lips. “Making fun of me?”

    “Hahaha….. I didn’t….. I sincerely wanted to treat you to something nice….. Who is making fun of you?” The young lady’s tear filled eyes were beautiful and alluring, making his heart itch.

    “Nobody has ever dared to play such a prank on me before.” Lou Jun Yao’s voice was deep, his gaze filled with an almost imperceptible darkness. “In that case, then I must definitely return the favour.”

    Almost at the same moment that his voice fell, Qing Yu immediately felt that something was not right. Before she could even react, the man had already reached his hand out and firmly restrained her, holding her dainty little chin. With an evil smile that curled his lips, he then stuffed that crystal bun that he had taken a small bite earlier right into her mouth.

    Because the crystal bun was large and so smooth and slippery, it immediately slid down to the back of her mouth to her throat. Having been stuffed with a crystal bun so suddenly out of the blue while she was completely unprepared, it lodged in her throat and her tiny face quickly turned red.

    “Cough cough cough….. Ugh….. Cough cough…..”

    She had been born with a small and narrow throat and with it getting blocked up like that, she immediately suffered a nasty bout of coughing, her face turning from red to a greenish purple, which almost frightened Lou Jun Yao to death. He quickly patted her hard on her back to make her cough out the bun and the colour of her face then turned back to normal.

    “Have some water.” Lou Jun Yao could not be bothered with the oily stains on his face anymore as he quickly poured out a cup of water for her. “Drink it slowly.”

    Qing Yu accepted the cup of water and took a sip, her breath coming back to her. She then looked accusingly at him. “You….. Cough cough….. You’re just too petty! Are you trying to murder me? I was nearly killed by you!”

    “I was wrong.” Lou Jun Yao said helplessly. “Who would have known that you would get choked by a mere bun? So useless.”

    “I’m useless! ?” Qing Yu was so angry her eyes widened as she stared at him. She then saw the mess on his face and her lips then stiffened. “Hurry up and wipe off all that stuff on your face, otherwise you will be laughed at to death by your subordinates when they see it.”

    “Then I’ll just kill them with a strike before they die from laughter.” Lou Jun Yao said indifferently, before he turned around and went to the other end to tidy himself up.

    And it was at this interval that Bai Zhi Yan came back.

    When he saw Qing Yu in the room, he was delighted as he asked. “You’ve come?”

    It was only when he came closer that he saw that there was a box of beautifully tempting crystal buns on the table. He came over and plopped himself down on a chair to ask. “Is this for me? I just remembered that I have not eaten anything yet.”

    Qing Yu had not even been able to stop him in time when that fella had already made quick work of the ten plus crystal buns, gobbled all up.

    [Nevermind. It’s good that he finished it anyway. Otherwise Lou Jun Yao would remember the grudge if he came came and saw those buns again.]

    Waiting till he polished them all off, Qing Yu then pulled out a little green porcelain bottle from inside her sleeve. “There are a hundred antidote pills in here. Based on the price that we agreed on previously, it is a thousand gold pieces for one. So you will have to give me a total of one hundred thousand pieces of gold. You can first check the quantity and composition of the pills. They are all of the same specifications from before.”

    The bottle that Qing Yu used to store the pills was actually more than it looked to be. Seemingly merely only about the size of a baby’s fist, it was however able to store so many pills as it seemed like there was a mini dimension inside the bottle.

    Bai Zhi Yan took the bottle and said with a smile: “I will naturally trust what you say.” As he spoke, he handed a fiery red jade ring to her.

    “This is a storage ring, and there is two hundred thousand gold pieces in there.”

    “What are you doing here?” Qing Yu asked with an eyebrow raised.

    Bai Zhi Yan then replied with a wide smile. “It is naturally to facilitate our long term cooperation and a show of my sincerity.”