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Chapter 79.1 - The Mysterious Asura’s Scene

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 79.1: The Mysterious Asura’s Scene

    “In that case, I will accept it then.” Qing Yu did not say much but accepted the ring.

    Bai Zhi Yan looked at her and suddenly said with a smile: “I heard that you are going to that whatever Faint Mist Sect?”

    “How did you know?”

    “What do I not know of in these lands? Do you think my Fragrance Court is open for nothing?” Bai Zhi Yan replied with a smug look on his face, looking like that was the most natural thing in the world.

    [How overly confident he is!]

    “I’ll say, wouldn’t it be much better if you follow us back to Cloud Heaven instead? You’ll get much better resources there so what are you going to that Faint Mist Sect for? With your powers, do you even need to go in there to cultivate at all?” Bai Zhi Yan still could not give up trying to poach her over to their side, not willing to give up on any chance he had.

    Hearing that, Qing Yu looked at him expressionlessly and replied: “The higher level realms are so brutal, with endless killing and chaotic fighting everyday. If I go back with you people, with my current level of power, I will be sending myself to my own doom. If it wasn’t for the fact that Cloud Heaven was too chaotic, would you people need to hide here and not return back there?”

    “…..” [What a pointed and prophetic statement!]

    [This little lass’ mind is just too incisive and sharp! !]

    Just as they were talking, Lou Jun Yao then came in from outside. Detecting the strange atmosphere in the room, he could not help but raise up an eyebrow and asked in puzzlement: “What were you talking about?”

    Bai Zhi Yan turned his head and looked at him appraisingly. “Where did you go?”

    Lou Jun Yao turned his gaze on the culprit and did not answer him but came to realize that the box of crystal buns was now empty. The expression on his face suddenly changed and he asked emotionlessly: “You ate them?”

    Bai Zhi Yan felt that the question he asked was a little senseless but he did not suspect anything as he replied: “That’s right. I was hungry and I ate them all. Didn’t Qing Yu bring it here for me?”

    Upon saying that, he then looking in askance towards the young lady opposite him, and the latter blinked her eyes innocently at him.

    “That was mine.” Lou Jun Yao was looking at him without any emotion on his face, the expression strangely terrifying.

    Bai Zhi Yan immediately felt that he was losing face here and his devilishly good looking plum blossom eyes then had flames sparking within. “What? We’ve been brothers who went through thick and thin for so many years. Can’t I even eat a couple of buns from you? !”

    “It’s eleven of them.” Lou Jun Yao corrected him with a deadpan face.

    There were twelve in total in that box and one had been wasted by those two earlier with the rest now in Bai Zhi Yan’s tummy.

    In reality it was really nothing for Bai Zhi Yan to help himself to just a few buns. But as it was the first time the little fox was giving him something as a gift though it was just a box of buns, the meaning of those buns was extraordinary. How could he allow Bai Zhi Yan to eat them all just like that?

    Though Lou Jun Yao was not aware at this moment, why he was even feeling happy just because Qing Yu had casually given him a box of buns.

    “Lou Jun Yao! Let me tell you that I have been tolerating you for a very long time! If you continue to treat me so coldly and be so heartless, we cannot remain brothers anymore! !” Bai Zhi Yan exploded, spitting his words out through gritted teeth.

    Qing Yu at the side did not know what to say. “…..”

    [What is happening here? Turning upon each other over a box of buns? ?]

    [Isn’t it just too ridiculous…..]

    She looked on helplessly at the two men with swords drawn in their eyes and she began to say: “Here….. I have another box. If either of you want, just take it!”

    “I only want the previous box.” Lou Jun Yao said stubbornly.

    “Sheesh! Who cares for those few measly buns of yours! Do you want me to vomit them out and return them to you?” Bai Zhi Yan retorted, purposely saying it in a disgusting manner.