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Chapter 79.2 - The Mysterious Asura’s Scene

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 79.2: The Mysterious Asura’s Scene

    “Vomit. Vomit it out now. Things that belong to me, even in death, I do not want it to die inside your stomach.”


    [What a great classic example of a idiosyncratic couple who loved and hated each other at the same time.]

    It was feared that it might not be suitable for her to remain there further. If she stayed any longer, she might find out more of the two men’s love hate relationship and would have to be silenced sooner or later.

    “You guys can carry on. I’ll make a move first.” Qing Yu said indifferently, and picked up the box of buns that had been despised by the two men before she slowly walked out from there.

    Before she left, she saw that the few people downstairs were still deeply unconscious, all sound asleep. It was probably because the atmosphere was just too strange as there still wasn’t a single customer.

    [What a bunch of strange and eccentric people.]

    She had however not noticed that after she walked a good distance away, the man at the door sleeping with his eyes open and who had not shown the slightest reaction from beginning to end, suddenly swiveled his eyes as he muttered thoughtfully to himself: “Just who could this lass be? Her relationship with the Lord is definitely not ordinary!”

    “It is said that she is the Lord’s benefactor who saved his life. The higher ups have given instructions that she is a person we must not offend.”

    The fella behind the counter was still clicking the abacus in a flurry, his head not lifting up at all as he spoke. The whole scene in there had changed so very quickly that it seemed the person who had been unconscious and snoring loudly just a moment ago was not him at all.

    “You both know nothing at all.” The man sprawled over the table had probably slept the most comfortably.

    He was rubbing his still groggy eyes as he wiped off the suspicious wet stains from the corner of his mouth and he then gave a big lazy yawn.

    If Qing Yu had been there she would surely have recognized that this man was the same grey robed man who had rescued her from the Barricaded Spirit Tower.

    When the two other men heard that they quickly came awake, both of them highly taken aback. “This isn’t just any ordinary benefactor you know…..”

    His tone of voice was heavy with profound meaning.

    “What do you mean?”

    “You wouldn’t understand even if I tell you.” The grey robed man said with contempt in his eyes, and he then gave another sleepy yawn. “Don’t disturb me. Let me continue to catch up with sleep.”


    [Did this scoundrel not sleep at all in his previous life! ?]

    [Twenty fours in a day and he sleeps for twenty hours. Spends two more hours eating and the last two hours remaining half awake and groggy. He’s really one of a kind.]

    Qing Yu brought back the still warm crystal buns for Qing Bei. Having not gone out from the manor for so many years he seldom saw the kind of snacks being sold outside. He was afterall still a child and it was bought for him by his favourite elder sister, hence he had naturally been highly delighted.

    Ever since Qin Fang knew of the gifted talents they possessed, he was very relaxed with them but would still come check on their progress every few days. In contrast, he watched Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu very strictly.

    Yan Xi Wu endured it silently and she was doing alright, while Yan Xi Rou was wailing incessantly in complaint about how tough it was. She had afterall been pampered and spoilt from a young age and had never encountered such suffering.

    Even going back to complain to her Royal Concubine mother did not help as it was a direct order given by Yan Su himself, so no one was able to interfere. Moreover, her mother also had to tolerate the Duchess Mo Han Yan’s sarcastic ridicule and she had her hands tied.

    On the other side, Qing Yu returned to her room and was just going to flip through the <<Heavenly Insights of Medicine>>, to have a look at the poison volume and the medicine volume.

    In regards to her martial arts, because her weapons spirit Zang Mai had regained consciousness, her cultivation had been greatly accelerated, without having to share her excess energy to nourish her weapon spirit. Now she needed to improve and sharpen her skills in Medicine at the same time, though she did not know what level she was at herself at this moment.