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Chapter 79.3 - The Mysterious Asura’s Scene

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 79.3: The Mysterious Asura’s Scene

    Sitting with her legs crossed on the bed, she had just entered her sea of consciousness when a shot of pain hit her in the brain for a moment.

    Qing Yu knitted up her brows and she pressed a finger between her brows to massage it. [What happened there?]

    She had not overtired herself, so why had she felt like that? Fortunately the pain had disappeared in an instant.

    But just as she was not paying attention to it, a terrible and blood filled scene from Asura’s Hell flashed before her eyes. Within an enormous array of stars, a man and a woman were locked in a tight embrace, their clothes stained with bright red blood.

    The man’s hand was gripped around the sharp blade thrusting towards his body which shielded the woman completely but the dagger in the woman’s hand stabbed deeply into the man’s chest.

    Qing Yu’s eyes flared open and her long slightly upslanted eyes were bright red, looking highly terrifying.

    A golden light appeared at the side and the golden haired youth suddenly appeared where he then immediately pressed his finger lightly upon her forehead in between her brows. Qing Yu instantly fell limp and her body slumped into a heap on the bed.

    “Mistress! Mistress, are you alright! ?” Zang Mai asked worriedly as he plopped himself down beside the bed.

    “What just happened to me?” Qing Yu’s brows were furrowed up as she brought her palm up to feel her forehead and found that it was covered in a layer of cold sweat.

    “You’re soul seemed to have been drawn into Asura’s Hell that was filled with intense murderous intent. If I had not brought you back out in time, you will surely have been overwhelmed by that intensive murderous intent and kill every person you see.” Zang Mai said rather trepidly, his heart still unsettled.

    “Asura’s Hell….. What is that…..”

    “Asura’s Hell is a kind of dimensional space formed by the immense mind power left behind by a powerful pugilist with profound cultivation, and because of the heavy blood and slaughter involved, it is named as Asura’s Hell.”

    Qing Yu suddenly fell silent.

    She thought back to the scene she had just witnessed, with two people in it, a man and a woman.

    It did not seem like this was the first time she had seen such a scene.

    There was another time she came to recall.

    It was during those few days that she had been unconscious from the Barricaded Spirit Tower. She was locked within a space and she was not able to remember clearly what had happened. The only thing she could recall was that the sky was red, the sun was red, and the Dark Crows were also red.

    A whole large flock of red Dark Crows that exuded an aura of death cawed incessantly in the sky, their calls shrill and piercing to the ears, like they were mourning for all the people who were about to die.

    She remembered that woman, the woman whose face she could not see clearly had parted her red lips and said to her a single word, sorry.

    She had said sorry.

    Qing Yu had probably not noticed it herself. Her eyes had grown red rimmed, and a single tear fell from the corner of her eye.

    The golden haired youth became frantic with terror, almost bursting into tears himself. “Mistress! Mistress, what is wrong? Where is it hurting? Don’t cry…..”

    The Mistress that Zang Mai had seen had never once shed a tear in weakness no matter how difficult the situation became. It could even be said that his Mistress was someone who did not know what cry was at all. This was the first time he saw a tear fall from her eyes and Zang Mai was suddenly unconsciously feeling helplessly frantic.

    Hearing the youth’s worried and flustered voice, Qing Yu snapped back to her senses. “What? Am I crying?”

    She raised a hand up to wipe at her eyes and discovered that her eyes were wet.

    She was stunned for a moment as well. She did not know why when she thought of that woman in her dream, with that pitiful smile on the corners of her lips, and that one word she spoke saying sorry, had made her heart wrench up with an unspeakable pain for an instant, unexpectedly causing her tears to fall unconsciously.

    “Little Burrow, why am I seeing such strange scenes? I have never even seen those places before.” Qing Yu asked softly as she looked at the wet tear stains on the back of her hand.