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Chapter 79.4 - The Mysterious Asura’s Scene

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 79.4: The Mysterious Asura’s Scene

    Zang Mai took a deep pause and then said: “I think, that it probably has something to do with this body Mistress has been reborn into.”

    Qing Yu was startled and she went on to say: “Are you saying….. it’s a memory from this body?”

    “That’s right, there is a very great possibility that is the case.”

    She had heard it from Qing Bei before. It seemed like they were not Yan Su’s biological children. Before their mother had married Yan Su, she was already with child. On one hand, Yan Su had developed feelings towards their mother and on the other hand it was to repay the benevolence their mother had shown to him in the past, seeking to protect them.

    [Then….. What was their mother’s real identity?]

    [Could it be possible that she really was linked to the Cloud Heaven in some way…..]

    — Bright Moon Divine Temple —

    Within the pitch black darkness that had a countless number of spirit tablets hanging in the air, it was not known from when a faint red light had started to glow, its colour growing deeper, turning a deep red like blood seeping out.

    The woman below looked as if she could see the painful struggle inside, her elegant lips turned up slightly in a faint smile, her voice soft, like the slightest breeze would disperse it, and it was not known whether she was talking to herself or saying it to another person.

    “If you knew this day would come, why did you do that back then…..”

    “All the pain and suffering you are feeling now, who would even know.”

    The person at the side then came forward to say in a low voice. “Her spirit body seems to have begun to be able to gain awareness. I believe that it will not be long before she will regain her consciousness.”

    The woman however laughed and shook her head. “This is still far from enough. She is still missing a small half of her spirit out there in the world. If the spirit is unable to join back together, whether she will regain her consciousness is still hard to say.”

    “Temple Lord, are you really going to have her resurrected?”

    “Heh…..” The woman laughed suddenly. “She has to suffer a little or she will never learn from it.”

    “I’ve already told her that things like love and affection must never be touched, never ever. But she had insisted on breaking the taboo and ended up meeting such a wretched end…..”

    Speaking of that, the woman then said a little self mockingly: “But since time began….. Who was really able to fully escape from its curse?”

    When the news that the Dark Legions were recruiting Elixir Cultivators was released, the entire Cloud Heaven was collectively taken aback.

    [What kind of a insidious plans does this bunch of devilish and unorthodox infidels have up their sleeves this time! ? They are actually trying to recruit Elixir Cultivators into their midst?]

    It must be known that everyone of their members all possessed extraordinary skills, the paths they took in their cultivation unlike the ways the rest of the entire Cloud Heaven practised. Hence, no other place was shrouded in thicker mystery than them, with no one able to properly grasp their form of martial arts, which caused everyone else to be at an disadvantage when trading blows.

    [If they allowed powerful Elixir Cultivators to join them, then how unbelievable is the Dark Legions going to become?]

    [Wouldn’t they reign and run amok in tyranny throughout the entire Cloud Heaven! ?]

    Although the Divine Healers were not so adverse against the people from the Dark Legions due to the relationship between Bai Zhi Yan and Lou Jun Yao, but they were afterall people who helped the dead and saved the wounded, warriors who stood for righteousness. With their ancestors’ teachings placed before them, they issued strict orders that forbade them from having any dealings with people from the Dark Legions, and any one who disobeyed would be thrown out of the Divine Healers Sect.

    Hence although there was a reason why Bai Zhi Yan did it, but he had still gone against the Divine Healers Sect’s rules, so to the outside world, he had announced that he was no longer the Divine Healers Sect’s Young Chief.

    The great family clan that had been handed down over for the past several hundred years must not be suffer the slightest taint to its name.

    Although the Divine Healers Sect had already announced that there would not be able of their disciples taking part in the recruitment, but there were still many scattered Elixir Cultivators who roamed the realm that liked their wilful and unrestrained ways who came in free from any factions or entities.

    In an instant, the numbers of the Dark Legions suddenly strengthened by quite a bit.