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Chapter 80.1 - Changes Just Before Parting

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 80.1: Changes Just Before Parting

    Sometimes having great numbers can also be rather frustrating.

    Most of the people were ones who fervently worshiped the great name, the Dark Lord of the Dark Legions, Lou Jun Yao.

    Hence once they joined, they all started to request an audience but the problem was that Lou Jun Yao himself was not in the Dark Regions at that moment and they could only make all kinds of excuses to reject them.

    “What are we going to do? Should we get the Lord to come back and hold down the fort with his presence?” Xun Luo opened his mouth to suggest when he saw that things were spinning out of control.

    Mei Ji shot him a glance. “And you think you have what it takes to get the Lord to come back?”

    WIth the suave manner the Lord had left on the trip this time it could be seen that he would not be coming back any time soon and Mei Ji was not holding any hope in that happening.

    “But we can’t just continue to dangle all those people. If they come to discover that the Lord isn’t in Cloud Heaven and start to have a change of heart, there will then be trouble.” Xun Luo said in exasperation.

    The scholarly and refined looking man then said slowly: “Among the batch of Elixir Cultivators, we do not know how many of them possess real skills. Unfortunately Bai Zhi Yan isn’t around as well or he would be able to tell immediately.”

    Just as the two of them were jabbering back and forth in conversation, a clear and melodious male voice sounded. The voice was clearly not loud but it immediately made both of them become quiet. “I still have one pill of those elixirs left over from before. Let all the Elixir Cultivators cultivate the exact same elixir and only the one who extracts the purest essence can remain.”

    The person who spoke was dressed in a full white robe, a man who possessed a gentle and elegant countenance with red eyes, the one called Little Monster by their internal members.

    Once those words of his sounded, the eyes of the two people lit up. “Great idea! Little Monster, that brain of yours is really so useful.”

    “Of course, don’t you see who his family is?” Mei Ji snorted smugly, the expression on his face filled with pride.

    After the white robed man with red eyes finished what he came to say, he then stood up and walked out, and Mei Ji followed right behind him.

    “Heh heh, that Mei Ji has really been twisted around that guy’s little finger!” Xun Luo said teasingly.

    The scholarly man then replied like he had become so used to it. “She has just become too accustomed to being haughty and having met Little Monster who is even more arrogant than she is, she would naturally have no choice but to submit.”

    What you said sounds very reasonable.” Xun Luo nodded his head as he commented.

    — Water Edge Kingdom Imperial Palace —

    It had been several dozen days since Qing Ye Li and his delegation had returned to the kingdom and having taken medicinal herb baths and given elixirs daily over this short period of time, Yue Mu Chen had started feeling that his body was feeling somewhat different in several places.

    On this day, after Yue Mu Chen dismissed the Imperial Court, he stayed inside his own bedchambers to look through the letters and memorials sent in over the past few days.

    Yue Xin Yan had coincidentally come over to look for him, the light patter of her footsteps closing in from afar where the doors were then pushed open. “Royal Brother, what are you doing now?”

    Yue Mu Chen lifted his eyes up feeling a little surprised. “Why are you so free to come all the way to my place?”

    He did not know where the lass heard the news from that the Three Great Sects would be recruiting new disciples in half a year’s time. She already had enough of sparring with people in the Water Edge Kingdom and she was insisting that she wanted to go participate in the trials. She was the only sibling born from the same parents and he had naturally indulged her alot, allowing her to always have her way with everything.

    But she had been going to the military barracks to get the guards to spar with her in order to increase her chances of passing the tryouts and in regards to that, it had been just too bitter for words for everyone.

    “Haven’t I not seen my Royal Brother for several days already? So I came over specially just to see you.” Yue Xin Yan said, looking every inch an obedient child, but she then suddenly leaned over close, her beautiful blue eyes staring wide like she had spotted something surprising.

    “What? There is something on my face?” Yue Mu Chen asked as he raised his hand up to touch his face.

    Yue Xin Yan shook her head with her face still looking incredulous. “Royal Brother, why do I feel….. That having not seen you for the past few days, you seem to be a lot more energetic!”