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Chapter 80.2 - Changes Just Before Parting

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 80.2: Changes Just Before Parting

    Because of his body’s frailty, though Yue Mu Chen’s body still wasn’t all that skinny, his complexion was always tinged with a pale sickly pallor, looking like the slightest gust of wind might just blow him down.

    But coming closer to look at him carefully, she could actually see that there was now a tinge of rosiness of health in his cheeks.

    Hearing her say that, Yue Mu Chen was taken aback a moment. “Is that so? I had not really noticed it, though I am really feeling as if my body does not feel as weak and lethargic as before, and I do not lose my breath as easily as before.”

    “Really?” Yue Xin Yan said, her face beaming with delight. “Has my Royal Brother’s health improved, and you will not cough out blood and fall unconscious out of the blue anymore?”

    Mentioning about coughing out blood, he had indeed not encountered that for more than ten days already. In the past he would at most be able to last three days before he would be hit with an insufferable bout of wrecking cough that felt like it would take his life away from him. Now he had actually gone through about ten days without it coming back and that was just too unbelievable.

    Yue Xin Yan’s blue eyes were sparkling brightly. “So that young lady really has such adept skills in Medicine, and is really able to cure my Royal Brother’s condition.”

    “Young lady?” Yue Mu Chen was startled.

    “That’s right. It’s the very same young lady that Big Brother Ye Li has always been searching for.” Yue Xin Yan said. “But, she looks so very young, about the same age as me, but her skills in Medicine is as good as that of a elder who has lived for several decades. It seems like she is extraordinarily gifted and it’s little wonder that Big Brother Ye Li values her so much.”

    “About the same age as you?” Yue Mu Chen’s eyes flashed with surprise. “Then….. When did she and Qing Ye Li come to know each other? If they knew each other more than ten years ago, that young lady might have just been born. So how did she come to know him?”

    “I am not very clear on that but back when they met each other in the Green Wave Kingdom, they seemed to have recognized each other at first glance.” Yue Xin Yan said slowly.

    Yue Mu Chen seemed to have thought of something and the expression on his face changed slightly for a brief moment before it recovered quickly.

    There seemed to be something illogical in all of this.

    But looking at the situation, with Qing Ye Li about to leave the Water Edge, even if there was anything illogical about it, it did not seem to matter.


    After the All Saints Day festival was over and the curtains fell, the city was restored back to its original look.

    After the engagement between Xuanyuan Che and Yan Ning Luo was annulled, the Green Wave Emperor continued to have a thorn stuck prickly in his heart. It was clear that it was to have been a great union but those two people had been unwilling to which then broke it all up.

    Yan Ning Luo, who was born with the birth characteristics of the Phoenix and destined to be an Empress. The man to marry her would definitely achieve greatness but a pity that this phoenix was no longer to belong to the Xuanyuan Family anymore.

    Xuanyuan Che had stayed in the Imperial Capital for such a long period and he was about to embark on his journey back to the Faint Mist Sect.

    He had been with the Faint Mist Sect for six years and in another four years, he would be able to leave the sect and choose to come back to continue living as the noble Crown Prince or choose to go out and accomplish great achievements for himself.

    As the Green Wave Emperor was still young there was hurry for him to come back to inherit the throne so Xuanyuan Che still had the freedom to choose.

    “You are leaving already?”

    Three people were gathered in a winehouse and hearing Xuanyuan Che’s words, Yu Jing Zhuo raised his cup to say: “Come my Brother, let me offer you a toast to wish you a smooth journey.”

    Upon saying that, he immediately downed the cup of wine with a tilt of his head back.

    Although he was also a member of the Faint Mist Sect, he was very relaxed towards the rules and regulations of the sect.

    Because he was a member of the Faint Mist Sect that was specifically responsible for gathering intelligence he was usually roaming outside most of the time and seldom returned to the sect. And it was because he was really capable that the sect was a lot more lenient with him.