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Chapter 80.3 - Changes Just Before Parting

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 80.3: Changes Just Before Parting

    Xuanyuan Che then did as he said and clinked his cup against Yu Jing Zhuo’s and downed his drink as well.

    Mo Fei Ran shook her head and laughed. “Why the sombre mood as you drink? It’s not as if you’re parting between life and death so why are you being so dramatic?”

    Xuanyuan Che snorted lightly. “Though we’re not separated by life and death but after I return to the sect, I fear that I will not escape hearing endless gossip and whispered murmurings.”

    Mo Fei Ran was taken aback a moment but he quickly recomposed himself. “You mean the matter about your engagement with Yan Ning Luo being called off?”

    “What else? People out there probably already know all about it. At the end of the All Saints Day festival, Yan Ning Luo had suggested to annul the marriage right before so many people! Sigh, those who are not aware, they might think that I, as the Crown Prince of a kingdom, is just a great bully who has been maliciously ill treating her.” Xuanyuan Che said, his words dripping with sarcasm.

    Mo Fei Ran’s youngest aunt was the Yan Ning Luo’s mother and the young lady could be considered to be his cousin. Upon hearing Xuanyuan Che’s words, he was somehow feeling a little awkward and did not know what to say.

    And Xuanyuan Che had most probably had a little too much too drink and he was a little more talkative. “But how would all those people know the truth? Hahaha….. She called off the engagement with me not because we did not see eye to eye with each other nor was it for any other ridiculous reason but because she had come to fall in love with another man…..”

    “Mo Fei Ran, do you know….. Who that man is?”

    “He is, hahaha….. He is the man who is ashamed to have anyone see his face and wears a mask perpetually, the Duke of Vast Seas…..”

    Once those words came out, the expression on Mo Fei Ran’s face froze completely, thinking whether his ears had been hearing things.

    [What is the Crown Prince saying?]

    [The person Ning Luo likes is….. The Duke of Vast Seas! ?]

    The wine cup held in Yu Jing Zhuo’s hand spilled a little wine out, like he had been rather surprised.

    And Xuanyuan Che was continuing to say: “You guys don’t believe me? Yan Ning Luo told me that herself that she had liked that man since she was very young. Ha! The greatest prodigy. Her taste is indeed different from others…..”

    Yan Ning Luo liked the Duke of Vast Seas, and the one the Duke of Vast Seas liked was her real sister.

    Seeing the Duke of Vast Seas’ expression and demeanor that day, it was clear that he liked and cared for that young lady a lot.

    Yu Jing Zhuo’s mouth opened in mocking laughter. [What a complicated relationship.]

    The way was bright and well lit with lanterns till they came outside as they stepped out from the wine house, about to split up and go their separate ways.

    Several cold gusts of sinister breeze blew pass suddenly. Yu Jing Zhuo had drunk the most among them but was the sober one. Because he was drank all the time, he had build up a strong resistance against wine.

    The gusts of sinister winds blew over them and he subconsciously raised his head up to look, where he came to see the black shadows flying past.

    The reactions of Xuanyuan Che and Mo Fei Ran were slightly slower but they had also noticed the presence of those black shadows which caused them to sober up by half.

    “Who were those people?” Mo Fei Ran asked in a low voice.

    “It seems to be assassins from the Carefree Valley.” Yu Jing Zhuo said with his eyes narrowed cautiously.

    Xuanyuan Che then said indifferently. “Let’s go. Let’s mind our own business.” Upon saying that, he raised his foot and was about to take a step to go on his own way.

    The Carefree Valley’s assassins were not that rare to see as their members were spread throughout every corner of the Constellation Lands. Although they cushioned at the bottom among the Three Great Sects, their scale was the most widespread.

    Their members could be often seen appearing in the night as the assassins depended on carrying out spying and assassination missions to earn their keep.

    The few of them had not thought too much about it and they had not left for long when Xuanyuan Che’s footsteps suddenly halted, the expression on his face changing.