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Chapter 81.2 - Set Up

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 81.2: Set Up

    Mu Chi’s brows furrowed together. “What can she help the Carefree Valley with? Besides being a little more skilled in Medicine, there is nothing much else…..”

    He suddenly seemed to have realized something as his words trailed off, looking a little surprised.

    “That’s right. It’s exactly because she is skilled in Medicine. One of our brothers was afflicted with a strange poison several months ago and he is now in a critical state. And throughout the entire lands, only the Mu Family will be able to save him if you will lend a hand.” The man’s voice was sincere. “If you are willing to help invite Young Miss Mu to step forward, the Carefree Valley’s Assassination Temple will then owe you people a debt of benevolence. No matter what kind of request you might make of us, as long as you say it, it will be accomplished.”

    “Strange poison?” Mu Chi was taken aback before he said: “Since it’s such a strange poison, then it must be rarely seen and hard to cure completely. Although my elder sister is the most proficient in Medicine within the Mu Family, I do not dare make any decisions I am not confident of on her behalf. If it turns out that she is unable to cure that person, wouldn’t all of you then turn your anger onto her instead?”

    “You can very well rest assured on that. Although we are all killers, but it does not mean we cannot discriminate between right from wrong.”

    “In that case, I will make a trip back to the Mu Family tomorrow and ask my elder sister’s opinion on it.” Mu Chi thought that he should at least tentatively agree to their requests first or they would not let the matter rest. Moreover, he might very well gain by having them owe him a favour although all this was just a plan made up out of convenience due to the current circumstances.

    Hearing that, the man standing right across from him clasped his hand over his fist and said: “The condition of that brother of ours cannot afford to be delayed any further. Better go ask Young Miss Mu tonight instead!”


    [About that, if he were to interrupt Mu Cai while she was sleeping, she would surely fly into a rage! But he had no other choice but to plunge headlong into it. She couldn’t possible disregard the fact that his life was at risk here could she?]

    That morning in the Eternal Peace Duke Manor, something big happened.

    While Yan Su and the Duchess were having their breakfast, a servant maid suddenly came running in from outside, her clothes in a highly disheveled state. She fell heavily to her knees on the ground limply as she raised her tear streaked face up. “Your Highness, Duchess, please help your servant address her grievance!”

    Mo Han Yan’s expression suddenly stiffened and she then said in a highly displeased tone. “Impudent lowly servant! Who let you come in to disturb His Highness’ meal! ?”

    The servant girl was startled and scared as she went on to say in a sobbing voice. “Duchess, please forgive my impudence. You servant really has no other choice…..”

    Yan Su looked at her torn and broken clothes, the bare skin that was exposed filled with green and blue bruises. It could immediately be seen what had happened to her with just one look and Yan Su paused a moment before he put down his chopsticks. “What actually happened! ?”

    “Your servant….. brought the medicinal brew that was prepared for the Second Young Master over last night, and the Second Young Master suddenly wrapped his arms around your servant tightly, like he has lost his mind….. pulling and tearing at your servant’s clothes. Your servant struggled with all her might and begged for mercy, but Second Master he….. had not only ignored my words……”

    The servant lass wept as she spoke, even sobbing spasmodically at the end before she then said pausing at every word. “He went on to violate your servant’s body, tormenting your servant for the whole night….. It was until just now that your servant was finally able to escape after seeing that he has fallen asleep…..”

    Hearing the little lass relate a whole series of events, Yan Su and Mo Han Yan looked completely shocked, like they would never have thought that such a thing could possibly happen.

    Mo Han Yan was the one who came to react first, her eyes growing wide and round with rage. “That little beast! He’s just too much! To think that he has committed such a heinous scandal!”

    I beg for the Duchess to seek redress for me…..” Seeing the way Mo Han Yan looked, the young servant cried even more sadly.

    Yan Su however looked at Mo Han Yan and said: “Before the matter is looked into clearly, do not make any hasty judgement.”

    He would never believe it no matter what. He had heard from the old Elder Qin Fang several times in the past few days that the child Qing Bei possessed astounding gift and in days to come he will not lose out to Little Ning. He had been thinking that if the child could stand up before the deadline was up, just how great would that be.