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Chapter 81.3 - Set Up

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 81.3: Set Up

    At such a critical juncture, how could something like this happen?

    He was such a clean looking youth with pure and honest eyes. It was not possible that he could possibly be tainted by such an abhorable incident in the slightest.

    With that thought in mind, Yan Su’s face darkened further. “You have to think it through clearly before you speak, just how big a crime it is to besmirch your Young Master’s name. A lowly servant girl like you will not be able to shoulder the consequences. Tell me truthfully. What really happened?”

    “Your servant does not dare to lie. Second Young Master has really violated your servant’s body…..” The young servant girl was gasping in between sobs, looking highly aggrieved and pitiful.

    “Is your Highness trying to cover up for him?” Han Mo Yan said with a laugh when she saw that. “Although he is your Highness’ son, but he had come to do something so despicable. The servant girl would have been seen by quite a number of people on her way here and it will not do the Eternal Peace Duke Manor’s reputation any good if news of this leak out.”

    “This Duke will naturally know that.” Yan Su said coldly. “Guards! Go to the Tranquil Abode and bring the Second Young Master to me!”

    “Yes, your Highness.” A young guard outside the door acknowledged, before he disappeared from his spot in an instant.

    And it was at a time that Qing Yu did not come home for the entire night.

    Because Qing Fang had been telling them for the past few days that he was making arrangements to send them out for training in order to enhance their survival skills. As after they are admitted into the sect, they would not face a lack of such similar missions, often needing them to sleep and eat in the wild, requiring them to be able to live for a period out in the wilderness, such an experience would be something they need.

    After ascertaining the location, in order to prevent any unexpected mishaps, Qing Yu had gone to survey the terrain, and also to spend one night there. Besides encountering snakes, bugs, and wild beasts, she did not find anything out of the ordinary.

    But upon her return to the Tranquil Abode, she came to discover two servant girls pacing nervously in front of the door, occasionally poking their heads out to look around outside. She immediately felt that something was not right and she immediately took a few steps to go inside. “What is going on?”

    “Sixth Young Miss! You’ve finally come back! Second Young Master is in trouble!” An adorable round faced little servant girl said with red rimmed eyes: “Qian Qian came running out from the Second Young Master’s room this morning with her clothes all disheveled and awhile after that, Second Young Master was taken away by his Highness’ men.”

    Among the servant girls that Yan Su sent over to serve, Qian Qian was the prettiest looking one.

    “Damn it!”

    [She had been to careless! That woman had been so peaceful for such a long time and she had to come up with such a lousy scheme just when Little Bei’s talents were starting to show!]

    [Ha! Does that woman really think that I am just a soft persimmon to be kneaded and manipulated as she liked?]

    [She had not wanted to waste her time and energy with such an undesirable character before but she had now crossed the line. This time, even if that woman does not die, she’ll at least scrape off a few layers of her skin!]

    Seated within the main hall at that moment, were Yan Su, Mo Han Yan, and Yan Xi Cheng who had been summoned. There were also the whole group of the other women, who filled up the hall.

    The young servant girl in broken and shredded clothes was on the floor, and the depressed looking youth was seated in his wheelchair, his eyes seemingly rather dazed.

    “With Qing Bei so weak and frail, how could he possibly be capable of doing such a thing?” Yan Xi Cheng said as he looked at the youth on the wheelchair, his brows furrowed up in doubt.

    Mo Han Yan glared at him. “Cheng Er, would the servant girl really have the audacity to slander her Young Master?”

    “But Qing Bei is someone who is physically handicapped. How could he possibly be able to inflict such brutal violence on a servant girl who has perfect use of all her limbs?” Yan Xi Cheng knew that his mother had never liked the people in the Tranquil Abode how could a matter like this be pushed onto a youth who had not even reached marriageable age?