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Chapter 82.1 - All Full of Holes

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 82.1: All Full of Holes

    “Hahaha, our heir, men are born stronger than women and if they really want to do something, how can a woman possibly be able to resist at all?” The one who said this was a lady who was brought into the family right after one other Royal Concubine, but was a voluptuous lady without much of a brain.

    Once those words came out, Yan Xi Cheng immediately glared fiercely at her, which cowered her into clamping her mouth shut in an instant.

    Yan Su had not spoken a word all this time but just knitted up his brows, his face looking dark and imposing.

    The youth on the wheelchair seemed so dispirited and weakened now, like he was suffering from the after effects of having over indulged in debauchery. He did not want to believe, but the facts lay before his eyes, which gave him no choice but to see and believe.

    He had held great hope on the boy, doing all that he could to heal the boy’s legs, that would allow him to go into the Faint Mist Sect to learn cultivation and secure a great future for himself.

    Everything had been moving in such a great direction and he had always been rather satisfied with the child. But looking at the situation, was this a case of his real nature finally becoming revealed, forgetting himself in his newfound talents? Maybe deep in his bones, he was an extremely

    At such a young age and he had committed such a despicable deed. What kind of a scene would it be when he grew up in the future?

    In those few short moments, Yan Su’s heart had already undergone a series of tumultuous changes, his piercing eyes tinted with the colour of disappointment. His voice calm, he then said: “Qing Bei, if you do not speak up, you are silently admitting to it. Did you violate this young lass here yesterday?”

    He did not even have the strength to speak at all, and it could be seen just how hard and mad he had indulged himself last night.

    If it was known that he would turn out like this, he would not have kept the boy with him back then. He had now brought nothing but shame to that person, which would forever not let her rest in peace even in death.

    Qing Bei just sat there to look up at Yan Yu on the high seat silently, seeing the undisguised disappointment and rage. That good looking and pale countenance did not show the slightest ripple of emotion but somewhere in his heart, it was suddenly starting to become clear right at that moment.

    He could not believe himself.

    [Ah….. His father….. He would rather believe the words of an outsider than to choose to believe his own son.]

    Simply because he was not Yan Su’s flesh and blood and so a certain level of estrangement still existed between them?

    Actually if he thought just a little deeper into it, he would have discovered that it was all just one of Mo Han Yan’s venomous schemes. But he did not even want to think about it at all which just affirmed his guilt to everyone else.

    Qing Bei closed his eyes, and something suddenly felt like it had been unraveled in his heart.

    All the concern and attention Yan Su had shown him these days had already slowly allowed him to release the knot lodged in his heart. He had even been willing to let bygones be bygones in regards to the fact that Mo Han Yan had gotten both his legs crippled back then when he saw that Yan Su was doing everything he could to make it up to him.

    The two of them, Qing Yu and him, who had been abandoned from young, had made him pine so hard for love and concern. Qing Yu had said that he was being very foolish, and too softhearted.

    Just as the atmosphere had fallen to become unbearably stifling and oppressive where the air felt highly suffocating, the sound of light laughter suddenly came in from outside the doors, and a slender figure then appeared before everyone as it slowly came walking in closer to all of them.

    That person was dressed in white clothes that were not tainted by even the slightest speck of dust, her thick luxurious hair casually held together by a hairpin. She clearly looked like she did not care all that much about her own appearance, but everything on her just looked so highly suitable, looking somewhat languid with an indifferent air.

    The manicured brows were slightly upraised and directly below them were an enchanting pair of eyes, long and narrow like those of a fox, tinged with the light of wisdom and farsightedness. Her elegant nose was tall, her tiny cherry lips curved up in a playful smile. It was a face so exquisite it was almost dreamy, which dazzled everyone in the hall as they looked at her in a daze.