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Chapter 82.2 - All Full of Holes

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 82.2: All Full of Holes

    The one who was most surprised was Mo Han Yan. She had clearly just seen this young lady not too long ago but it seemed that every time she saw her, she was so blindingly radiant that it made it impossible for people to shift their eyes away, where she looked even more outstanding than that woman in the past.

    Just seeing Yan Su’s stunned and captivated expression told her as much.

    The young lady did not care about all the strange gazes everyone was looking at her with, and she did not even so much as glance at the youth seated in the wheelchair but had walked over to come right before the little servant girl who was sobbing hysterically on the floor.

    Her slender fingers lightly lifted the servant girl’s chin. Her voice was tinged a with smile but the icy cold in those phoenix like eyes sent a shiver through her spine. “Whoa, this little face is rather good looking indeed.”

    The servant girl was so terrified she was shaking visibly, not daring to even say a single word but just let her tears continue to flow down her cheeks.

    Qing Yu burst out laughing and then turned to look up to the dark faced Yan Su seated high up on the main seat as the corners of her lips curled up with a faint smile. “Has Father investigated clearly that this servant girl was bullied by Qing Bei?”

    “The evidence is clear and he has also admitted to it with his silence.” Yan Su said in a deep voice.

    “Evidence?” Qing Yu looked as if she had just heard something very funny. “According to what Father has said, just creating some ambiguous marks on the servant girl’s body and having her come sobbing before you with her clothes in utter disarray to wail that Little Bei has violated her, you have decided that there’s no need to hear Qing Bei’s explanation just because of a few words from some outsiders?”

    “So that is what so called evidence is. I had thought that only the foolish and ignorant will come to believe such wild accusations. It must be known that sometimes, even what the eyes see for themselves might not be the entire truth. Father, you have….. greatly disappointed me.”

    She stood there right in the front with her back straight and unbending. She was clearly saying such hurtful words but her face was still smiling, her pair of beautiful phoenix like eyes shining with a mirthful glint, like it was impossible to ever reach into the depths of her heart.

    That gaze…..

    For just one fleeting moment, Yan Su seemed to see that person from those many years before, who had said these very same words to him.

    She had said: “Yan Su, I am very disappointed in you.”

    He quickly came back to his senses. As if he was silently comforting himself, he waved off the strange feeling in his heart and said: “Unless you can find the evidence that can clear his name, otherwise, if news of this matter leaks out, the name of the entire Eternal Peace Duke Manor will be shamed!”

    Qing Yu curled up her lips scornfully. “There is no way of explaining oneself out of a trumped up charge. Haha, but if Father insists on evidence….. “ She suddenly paused and her piercing gaze turned to look at Mo Han Yan on the other side. “If I do not get a satisfactory reply on this matter here today, I will not mind scraping off a few layers of skin off the hidden mastermind behind it.”

    Mo Han Yan was startled by that sudden gaze turned upon her out of the blue but she quickly composed herself and there wasn’t the slightest ripple on her face.

    [Hmph! I would like to see how these two bastard children are going to clear themselves of the accusation.]

    [So what if they possessed gifted talents? They will forever be beneath Ning Er’s feet, never to be able to get back on their feet. I will never allow that woman’s children to have any chance to even threaten Ning Er. Never ever!]

    Qing Bei looked at the young lady standing there neither submissive nor aggressive, but striving just to defend him, and his heart was greatly moved once again. [The Heavens must have seen that he has suffered so much and hence they have send Qing Yu to come to his side to protect him.]

    No matter when, Qing Yu was always like a strong and sturdy castle around him that protected him, never allowing anyone to bully him.

    The hands inside his sleeves were tightly clenched up together to hide the trembling. [In this world, only one person really cared and was genuinely concerned for him. That was enough. From today onwards, he will never again covet all those things that were not his to possess in the first place!]