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Chapter 82.3 - All Full of Holes

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 82.3: All Full of Holes

    But with the current circumstances, in order to make it seem real, he must not expose himself prematurely, or Qing Yu’s ploy would go up in smoke.

    On the other side, Qing Yu bent herself down and looked at the servant girl weeping softly, the ends of her mouth lifting up slightly. “Come, tell me. Last night, how did the Second Master violate you brutally?”

    Those highly explicit words said in a smiling but mirthless voice caused everyone in the hall to become curious. [What kind of a show is she going to put on now?]

    The little servant girl was trembling visibly, looking like she was recalling something very horrifying before she then started to speak after a while. “Last night, your servant brought the medicine to the Second Young Master…..”

    “What kind of medicine was it?” Qing Yu asked, as she raised an eyebrow.

    “It was medicine that His Highness asked your servant to deliver, a tonic to nourish the Young Master’s body.” The servant girl said in a soft voice.

    Yan Su nodded. “This Duke has indeed instructed for people to send the medicine over.”

    Qing Yu lifted her chin and said: “You can continue.”

    The servant girl took at glance up at the main seat and then lowered her eyes as she continued: “After the Second Young Master took his medicine, your servant was just about to leave when the Second Young Master suddenly grabbed your servant and started to tear at my clothes, and he said….. that he likes me…..”

    Qing Bei’s eyes turned cold, filling up with contempt.

    [Has he gone blind?]

    [That girl thinks that she’s rather attractive and is always hovering around before him, always trying to seduce him and win him over but he does not even know her name!]

    [And saying that he likes her? In your dreams!]

    [He will rather fall in love with anyone plucked out from the streets than like her! !]

    Qing Yu saw the undisguised contempt and anger on the youth’s face and she could not help but smile for a moment before she turned to look meaningfully at the woman up on the high seat who had been calm and composed throughout.

    [Ha. Mo Han Yan just cannot remain idle. She had just not come back for one night and that woman already cannot wait to pounce upon Little Bei.]

    When she came back, the fragrance of the Drunken Immortal Flower still had not dispersed throughout the night. [Just how heavy a dosage it must have been. Fortunately the Drunken Immortal Flower only numbs a person’s senses and weakens them to the point that they are temporarily not able to speak. Once the poison is alleviated, it does not harm the body much.]

    Though the youth seemed a little weakened, he still looked rather conscious and aware of his surroundings.

    The servant girl was still sobbing aggrievedly as she said: “The Second Young Master is my Master and I am merely a lowly servant. Whatever the Master wants, your servant has no choice but to comply. But the Second Young Master….. He has a particular perversion….. which nearly tormented your servant to death…..”

    “Didn’t you mentioned before that you struggled hard and refused to give in, fighting to break free? And now you are saying that the Master’s words must be complied to?” The person who said this was Yan Xi Cheng.

    The servant girl had clearly not expected that anyone would say anything against her words at all and she was stunned for a moment.

    Mo Han Yan had similarly not thought that Yan Xi Cheng would suddenly speak and her beautiful eyes turned indignant at that moment. “Cheng Er, what do you know? Don’t make things messier than it already is!”

    “Mother, from a little servant girl and we’re all sitting here to hear her spout such nonsense to besmirch Qing Bei’s name? I think that she saw that Father has recently been treating Qing Bei a little more affectionately and she spiked the medicine with something. Once what’s done cannot be undone, at the very worst she could still be very well made a concubine.” Yan Xi Cheng said with a scornful laugh as he looked at the stunned servant girl. “From what I can see looking at Qing Bei, it’s not that he is refusing to speak, but he is just unable to talk.”

    With those words, the faces of Han Mo Yan and the servant girl down below immediately changed in colour.

    The face of the servant girl immediately turned deathly pale, her expression sorrowful. “Our heir, although your servant is of humble birth, but I am still from a clean and clear family. For you to say that of your servant, your servant is too ashamed to continue to live, and can only clear my name with death!”

    Her voice had just dropped when her eyes took on a cold glint. Like she was finally liberated, she raised her hand and struck it upon the top of her own head.