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Chapter 83.1 - The Cloven Hoof Exposed

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 83.1: The Cloven Hoof Exposed

    Qing Yu narrowed her eyes and curled up her finger. A stream of air shot out which struck the servant girl’s arm. At the same time, Yan Xi Cheng had nimbly moved to restrain her.

    Qing Yu walked over to go right before her and smiled at Yan Xi Cheng gratefully before she went on to look upon the servant girl who had her eyes tightly shut. “What? You couldn’t continue with the pretense and want to be liberated from it by death?”

    “Or…..” Her alluringly beautiful countenance leaned in close, her light breath blowing gently upon the servant girl’s face. “Someone is intimidating you into doing that?”

    The expression on the servant girl’s face turned into shock, her eyelashes quivered a moment as her face turned ashen grey.

    The answer was known without needing any words. But Qing Yu was not going to let the matter rest there. That would be letting that woman Mo Han Yan off too lightly.

    She let out a cold chilling laugh and her eyes turned upon Mo Han Yan with indiscernible meaning, which caused the latter to feel a chill run through her. [That little slut’s eyes….. felt so strange…..]

    Yan Su’s gaze was fixed upon the young lady the entire time. [Exactly alike. Even the brilliant radiance between her brows was exactly the same, just as eye catching as that person back then, drawing people’s eyes to her regardless of the time or place.]

    The young lady’s eyes suddenly turned to look at him. Yan Su was physically taken aback but her voice then took on a soft and gentle tone, tinged faintly with sorrow. “I had thought that although Father is a Duke, but he is a father just like one in any family, who loves his own children.”

    “Is it because Mother is not here? My younger brother’s legs are crippled and is unable to walk, unable to live like any normal person. Why do you still want to treat him like this? He’s just a pitiful little child.” The young lady’s eyes then lowered slightly, as she stroked the pale face of the youth in the wheelchair.

    That pair of eyes that lose its brilliant sparkle in just one instant just wrenched at Yan Su’s heart so painfully. “Qing Yu…..”

    “Father promised Mother that you will take good care of us. I had thought that even if we are unable to be like our elder brother and sisters, to live a live of abundance and luxury, indulged and doted upon, we would at least be able to feel secure as this would be home to us, and not have to fall asleep in fear every night, not knowing when we will unknowingly be assassinated in our sleep.”

    Yan Su’s eyes flared wide as he stared, as if he did not know that they had been living like this in the manor all these years.

    [And….. there are people seeking to have them killed?]

    [Have all the guards in the Eternal Peace Duke Manor all died? !]

    Yan Xi Cheng who was beside him was looking incredulous and in utter disbelief, their gazes unconsciously shifting to fall upon Mo Han Yan.

    [Those assassins….. Did they have something to do with Mother…..]

    Mo Han Yan had naturally noticed Yan Su’s gaze. The quaking rage in Yan Su’s eyes had caused her body to turn cold and she immediately opened her mouth to stop Qing Yu from continuing on. “Ha! That’s a really brilliant story you made up. If there were really assassins trying to kill you like you said, then how did the two of you manage to live till today? What utter hogwash!”

    “The Duchess has most probably forgotten that I’ve told you before that a mysterious expert has accepted me as a disciple.” Qing Yu said as the corners of her mouth pulled slightly back, to look smilingly at Mo Han Yan who was beginning to become flustered while she did everything she could to try to cover up. “My Master took pity on me and did everything he could despite the hardship, to turn the useless trash that I was into what I am today. He even taught me Medicine in case I came  to be given poison and do not know it.”

    “So what! ?” Mo Han Yan said with her brows knitted together, not knowing what the young lady meant with those words.