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Chapter 83.2 - The Cloven Hoof Exposed

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 83.2: The Cloven Hoof Exposed

    “So, the Duchess feels that, if things were really as what this servant girl has said, that Little Bei has some perverted habit and was acting like a lunatic at that time, to think that with her small and weak little body, she is still able to escape from the room after suffering an entire night of torment, I cannot help but highly suspect her real intentions.”

    After Qing Yu said all that with a smiling face, she looked at the ashen faced servant girl. “Possibly because you do not practice martial arts, and hence you do not know about lightning element wielders all that much. Usually when a lightning element wielder loses their mind or fly into a berserk rage, anything that is alive around them will be struck by lightning and die. Of course there are exceptions to that. If you possess a higher level of power than him, then you can still remain safe and sound.”

    The fact that Yan Su had invited Qin Fang, a former Elder of the Faint Mist Sect to come teach his children who were at an opportune age was something that everyone had heard about. Among the few of them, Qing Bei had been most gifted, and was a wielder of the incredibly powerful Lightning element. Qin Fang had also said that he was greatly talented with a lot of potential, picking up anything he was taught very quickly, and was very intelligent.

    If that was really true, then not only had the servant girl not died but was still very much alive here. Could she be a spy who had managed to sneak in among them? If so, she must be much more of an expert than she seems!

    The servant girl had obviously not expected that things would play out like this and her face immediately grew a darker grey. Even Mo Han Yan had not thought that there would be such a turn of events. Her nails dug deeply into her palms as her enchanting brows took on an unnoticeable dark glint.

    Yan Xi Cheng did not miss the expressions of the servant girl and Mo Han Yan, and his handsome countenance showed a sliver of disappointment.

    [Why is Mother still unable to let it go? Will she only be appeased after she has them completely wiped out?]

    The faces of the people there showed a variety of expressions. However, things have not yet ended. At that moment, the servant girl was then seen slumping weakly down to the floor from having knelt for such a long period of time as her conscience was wracked with fear, and a thin sheen of sweat broke out over her temples.

    Qing Yu arched up her long sharp eyebrows and then said in a light fleeting voice. “And….. aren’t all of you forgetting one more thing?”

    “The Faint Mist Sect has always been said to be a place that deities live in, noble and pure. And most of the secret martial arts techniques they cultivate requires one to abstain from wine and remain celibate, hence they have never accepted people who are addicted to drink and revel in lusty pursuits. Because of that, unless one is already married and have children, all the unmarried young men and women they take in are untainted and have remained chaste. Can the Duchess then help me explain just what kind of a irresistible charm does this servant girl possess that she is able to make Qing Bei give up on the chance to go to the Faint Mist Sect, choosing instead to partake in such improper and illicit affair with her?”

    Once those words came out, everyone present seemed to have suddenly awakened, thinking that they seemed to have completely forgotten about such an important detail about the whole matter.

    One of the stages in the Faint Mist Sect’s recruitment trials was to test whether the unmarried young men and women were still chaste, and all the hedonistic and pleasure loving Young Masters can forget about wanting to be accepted.

    So it was rumoured that all in the Faint Mist Sect were a bunch of deities who does not even eat the common food of mortals.

    Mo Han Yan was at a loss for words, unable to think of anything to say in rebuttal.

    In all honesty, no matter what kind of a reason it is, it will sound a little far fetched. As who could possibly choose to not want the opportunity to be accepted into the Faint Mist Sect just for a moment of pleasure, by willingly destroying their body’s chastity?

    Unless that person was a mindless fool.

    At that moment, even Yan Su finally came to realize that something wasn’t right and he slammed his large palm hard onto the arm of his chair. Because he had exerted too much strength, the chair’s arm cracked in a few places while his voice was icy cold and filled with an oppressive aura. “What an audacious lowly servant! You even dare to slander your Master! Tell this Duke here the entire truth now! Who sent you here as a spy, and who is the one pulling the strings behind? If you do not confess everything here today, with the methods this Duke uses to deal with military convicts, I fear a little girl like you will not be able to withstand it at all!”