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Chapter 83.3 - The Cloven Hoof Exposed

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 83.3: The Cloven Hoof Exposed

    Yan Su had stormed through countless battlefields all these years and the blood stained aura on him was no joke. With just a slight raising of his voice in rage, his words made the little servant girl whose last line of mental psychological defence was already on the verge of breaking completely collapse at that moment.

    “Spare me my life Your Highness….. Your servant….. It was all just my own wishful thinking and I was blinded by greed, not content to submit myself to a fate of being just a lowly servant and to be at the back and call of people. So….. So I decided to spike the Second Young Master’s medicine…..”

    Those words seem to be an attempt at heaping all the blame for the crime upon herself. It was not known what kind of a hold Mo Han Yan held in her hand over the little servant girl that made the her not dare to reveal the mastermind behind the plot even when she was shaking like a leaf in terror from Yan Su’s shout.

    [Haha….. Letting Mo Han Yan escape calamity so easily….. Not possible.]

    The mirth in Qing Yu’s eyes deepened further and she then said in a rather admiring tone. “It looks like this servant girl is also highly skilled and knowledgeable in Medicine. Otherwise, how could she possibly know to use such a common Drunken Immortal Flower to be mixed with drugs that cause hallucinations, that makes people lose their mind and become incredibly aroused.”

    With an abrupt turn in her words, she suddenly swung around to look at Mo Han Yan, saying each word with a slight pause in between, seemingly not bothered by the venomous glare staring back at her that was as sharp as steel blades. “I heard that the Duchess has always loved flowers, and the several pots of Drunken Immortal Flowers in her backyard are absolutely gorgeous, their fragrance nose tingling. But although Drunken Immortal Flowers are absolutely beautiful and enchanting, they are however harmful to the body. The Duchess must remember to take care of your health.”

    “What do you mean by that? Are you insinuating that this Duchess here is the one who instigated that little servant girl to go harm others? !” Mo Han Yan was looking like she had been so wrongfully accused and was questioning her in indignant rage.

    The Duchess’ words caused Yan Su to be rather surprised, thinking that Mo Han Yan might be overreacting a little.

    “Duchess, Qing Yu is merely just throwing out guesses and has no intention of suspecting you at all. Do not take it to heart too much.” It might be because Qing Yu really looked too much like that person and Yan Su had unconsciously just jumped to her defense.

    Hearing that, Mo Han Yan’s face immediately changed. The countenance that had been maintained to look as pretty as a young lady was tinged with a little bitterness and looked rather pale. Her beautiful eyes brimming with tears, she said: “Is Your Highness blaming me now? Or are you saying that you believe that young lass’ words and think that I am an unscrupulous and venomous evil witch who would not stop at anything?”

    Mo Han Yan was General Shang’s most beloved youngest daughter, smart and intelligent, ravishingly beautiful. Seeing her looks now, one would be able to see the kind of enchanting poise she must have possessed when she was younger.

    She had married Yan Su when she was fourteen and had come to bear him a son and a daughter, both with outstanding looks, and extraordinary talents, whom Yan Su had always been exceptionally proud of. With their affinity of more than twenty years as husband and wife, deep down in Yan Su’s heart, he still loved her. If he had not met that person, he always thought that his heart would never have changed.

    From what he still remembered, she had always been a gentle and dutiful wife, never throwing any kind of tantrum, but just only that one time. It had been because he had brought that person back. She had been hysterical back then and he could still clearly remember how she had looked back then. That had been the only time and right after that, she had then moved out from the main house, and her character had changed into one that he could not fully comprehend.

    But with her expression looking like she was silently enduring her aggrievement and on the very verge of tears, it made his heart soften again as he felt that he still owed her all these years.

    Yan Su sighed lightly. “This Duke does not mean that but just feel that the entire matter isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface.”

    “Then what does Your Highness mean then?” Mo Han Yan said, her gaze looking icily at the young lady down below. “With her insinuating and shadowy words, isn’t she suspecting that it is this Duchess here that it manipulating the whole thing behind?”

    “This Duke will naturally not any false accusations not will I allow the mastermind to get away scot free.” Yan Su said in a gentle voice, trying to appease and calm her down, getting her back into her seat.