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Chapter 84.1 - You Can Stand Up Already?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 84.1: You Can Stand Up Already?

    Qing Yu watched with amusement at the exchange between the two of them, not really surprised at the attitude Yan Su was taking. Her alluring fox like eyes narrowed as she looked at the servant girl that was restrained by Yan Xi Cheng. “There should be a chastity granny in the manor who will be able to inspect her body right? I would have to trouble Father to summon the granny and have her check the servant girl’s body, and see if she is still a virgin.”

    Yan Su’s brows furrowed up. “You mean to say that she is still a virgin maiden?”

    “Haha, it doesn’t count when I say it, or the Duchess will say that I am just spouting nonsense later.” Qing Yu said with a shrug of her shoulders, the smile on her face highly meaningful.

    The servant girl was taken out from there. The granny who would check her body was the nanny who had always been looking after Yan Su, a person who could be trusted.

    Very soon, the granny came shuffling in. She looked to be about fifty years of age, with faint wrinkles on her face that was friendly looking and highly benevolent. “Greetings to His Highness, and Duchess.”

    “Dispense with the formalities Granny. What’s the result?” Yan Su asked.

    “The marks on that lass’ body shows that she has indeed suffered severe torture, and there were even marks from whipping and biting, frightening to see.” Granny recalled what she saw earlier, and her heart was mournful. What a pitiful child.

    Yan Su’s eyes darkened and he was just about to open his mouth when the Granny spoke again. “But, although her injuries were serious….. her body is still complete and untainted.”

    “What did you say?” Mo Han Yan’s eyes stared wide and round. “Have you made a mistake in your inspection?”

    “Duchess, my old humble self was also in charge of inspecting the ladies in the Imperial Palace when I was younger and I have never made an error.” Although the Granny was a little displeased, but she still replied highly respectfully.

    Mo Han Yan shook her head in disbelief. “How is it possible? How could she still be untainted…..”

    “Why should that be impossible? Little Bei had not done anything to her at all!” Qing Yu said as the ends of her mouth curled up. “Not to mention that his body is just starting to make a recovery and he will not have the energy to do something like this. Moreover, he had also received pointers from my Master and is now able to practice cultivation. With such prodigious gift, how could he possibly do something that would harm his body’s energy essence just to torment a servant girl?”

    With the switch in her tone of voice, she turned the spearpoint straight onto Mo Han Yan. “But why is the Duchess….. getting so highly worked up? You said that the entire matter has nothing to do with you in the slightest, why don’t you ask the other concubines whether they believe that?”

    Mo Han Yan quickly turned herself around to look at the bunch of ladies who had come here just to watch the show, every single one of their gazes filled with suspicion, and tinted with contempt.

    Her gaze then slowly shifted over to look at Yan Su, only to discover that the man she had loved for twenty over years was looking at her with a complicated kind of eyes, which chilled her heart like a tomb.

    But no matter what, she needed to maintain her last measure of composure and dignity.

    Mo Han Yan push down and restrained her emotions against all those many pair of eyes, like she did not feel the surrounding animosity and the eyes looking at her strangely at all as she said in an emotionless voice. “Even if the servant girl had exaggerated her words and made it such a big deal, the injuries on her body cannot be faked. Yan Qing Bei must have used violence but was unsuccessful and his carelessness allowed the servant girl to escape. As a Young Master of the Eternal Peace Duke Manor and he has done such a shameful thing to a servant, he should still be punished.”

    Even at the point where the truth was already almost as good as having been fully revealed, the woman Mo Han Yan still refused to let Qing Bei go, doggedly insisting on making an issue out of the injuries on the servant girl’s body.

    Qing Yu did not say anything but just lifted the corners of her mouth scornfully.

    Thereafter, just as everyone were flabbergasted as their eyes stared at the scene before them, the weak and pale faced youth then stood up from his wheelchair before all those pair of eyes. At the moment the youth stood up, the air around him and his demeanor changed in an instant, his dispirited person suddenly disappeared, his eyes turning icy cold.