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Chapter 84.2 - You Can Stand Up Already?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 84.2: You Can Stand Up Already?

    “If I had really done anything to a weak and defenceless servant girl, I will not be so foolish to let her live and give her such a great hold over me.”

    The youth’s cold and emotionless voice slowly startled everyone out of their astoundment from seeing him stand up.

    The youth who had always looked so frail and thin had not stood up before for all these years. Hence, when they found out for the first time just how tall and towering his body’s frame really was, almost as tall as Yan Xi Cheng, at the very moment that he stood up, he seemed even taller than he really was for an instant.

    “May I ask, when I am really fully mobile like this with full use of my limbs, would she possibly have a chance to escape at all?” Qing Bei said contemptuously, his handsome long narrow eyes glinting sharply as he swept his gaze over to the servant girl on the ground, whose face had gone deathly pale.

    Yan Su stood up from his chair with shock in his eyes, and said in disbelief: “Qing Bei, you….. you can stand up already?”

    “I have been able to stand on my feet from a long time ago.” Qing Bei said with a malevolent gaze as he looked at Mo Han Yan. “If you had not hatched a plot like this against me this time, I will not show I can stand before everyone so early.”

    All the suppressed emotions held down within the youth for so long seemed to explode out at that moment. All the pressure built up from the maddening rage threw out an oppression that even Yan Su had felt a little oppressed.

    “Ten years. Mo Han Yan, I sat in a wheelchair for ten years. Crippled for ten whole years. It was not enough that you broke both my legs, and you wanted to completely destroy me this time. Are you seeking to make me be a failure who will not accomplish anything, one whom no one would know or even hear of my entire life? !”

    The youth’s tall figure slowly approached closer one step at a time, his cold unfeeling voice spat out from his mouth, every single word crystal clear.

    Both the face of Mo Han Yan and Yan Su changed a shade. This matter had always been a secret in the Eternal Peace Duke Manor.

    Back when Yan Su had found out about this, although he had been filled with rage, but to protect his reputation, he did not want news that the Lady of the Eternal Peace Duke Manor could so heartlessly do such a cruel thing to a young child to spread. He had just told people that Qing Bei had been too playful, having accidentally fallen off from a tree while playing, and had broken his legs.

    In the main hall at that moment, besides the royal concubines and ladies of the various courtyards, there were all tens of servants present. When they heard that astounding piece of news, they all immediately blew their tops.

    “What? So the Second Master did not fall and break his own legs? !”

    “Can you believe how selfish and narrow minded the Duchess is! ? How could she do such a thing to a little child! ? The Second Master said he had been in a wheelchair for ten whole years. Then doesn’t that mean he was only about four or five when…..”

    “No wonder none of the ladies in the manor dared to give birth to a son all these years! Besides the heir who is birthed by the Duchess, all other children born are girls. The Second Young Master is the only other son and he had mysteriously become a cripple back then. Now, she is even seeking to destroy his future completely.”

    “You really can’t tell a book by its cover. The Duchess looks to be such a gentle and virtuous wife on the surface…..”

    “The most terrifying ones are people who are always wearing a smile on their faces, but their hearts are always thinking of venomous ways to harm you.”


    Qing Yu’s corners of her lips raised up in an arc, revealing an indiscernible smile.

    It must be known that the most scary thing was slanderous gossip, which often could force a person back into a helpless corner.

    Now everyone knew Mo Han Yan’s real person. The gentle and virtuous image she had built up and maintained for so many years collapsed in that instant. There was no need for Qing Yu to do anything else. With so many pairs of eyes, ears and mouth here today, unless they were all silenced, otherwise someone was bound to leak it out.

    All those people were carefully discussing in hushed voices on the surface, but who among the Duke’s family had not cultivated martial arts before? Hence they all possessed astounding hearing and moreover, Mo Han Yan herself was one who possessed a significant level of cultivation.