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Chapter 84.3 - You Can Stand Up Already?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 84.3: You Can Stand Up Already?

    The servants were all taken aback in horror, the concubines and ladies avoiding her like she was a venomous serpent. A dark and sinister aura exuded from Yan Su’s body, and all of that heavy and oppressive power was directed straight towards Han Mo Yan.

    But at that moment, she was acting like she was not bothered by everything at all. She suddenly laughed out loud and when she raised her eyes, everyone saw that cruelly ugly face that had shed off its mask of false pretence.

    “So what if I had been the one who did that to you?” She spat out those words viciously, without any fear of consequences and like she did not care anymore.

    [This woman….. is actually admitting to it?]

    Just as everyone was feeling dubious of her real intentions, Mo Han Yan suddenly broke into wild laughter like she had gone mad. “What right does a bastard child like you have to live in this world? You should have died long ago. Both of you should have died by right! !”

    Yan Su was greatly shocked by her words. By the time he realized that something didn’t feel right, Mo Han Yan had already spat out all the aggrievement she had kept hidden in her heart without a care in the world.

    “The Duke was the one who let that shameless woman come in here, and she gave birth to you two illegitimate bastards from her illicit affair with some other unknown man! It was retribution that she died so early…..”

    At that moment that Mo Han Yan was screaming out loudly, Yan Su caught her unawares when he reached his hand out and struck her on the back of her neck. Mo Han Yan immediately fell limp and slumped back into her chair.

    “Cheng Er, your mother has gotten too worked up and is spouting nonsense. Bring her back to her room to rest.” Yan Su said in a deep voice.

    Yan Xi Cheng had still been immersed in the version of truth that Qing Bei had said and had not awoken from it. Hearing Yan Su say that, he then woodenly held Mo Han Yan in his arms and carried her out.

    But those words that Mo Han Yan had said earlier was already causing everyone there to find it hard to digest and react to it.

    [In this Duke’s manor, just how many secrets were there that they were completely unaware of…..]

    Yan Su swept his gaze over the people below who had strange expressions on their faces. His eyes then glinted sharply as he ordered. “All the things that you’ve heard here today, forget every single word of it without any exception. If this Duke is to ever hear the slightest whisper about this outside, you will not be shown any mercy!”

    Everyone’s heart quivered and they all immediately chorused. “Yes Your Highness, your servant (Lady) does not know anything.”

    “You’re all dismissed!” Yan Su said as he closed his eyes feeling thoroughly exhausted, waving his sleeve at them for them to go.

    In the next instant, the enormous hall emptied out and only three people. Yan Su, Qing Yu and Qing Bei were left in there.

    After a rather long while of deathly silence, the clear soft mirthful voice of a young lady sounded. “Doesn’t Father have any sort of explanation he wants to give us? Regarding those words the Duchess said earlier, I do not believe that it was all just nonsense she spouted out in the heat of the moment.”

    Yan Su’s brows knitted up slightly, and that good looking face could not defy the vestiges of time as it showed a moment of weary sadness. His gaze looked deeply at the young lady’s exquisitely beautiful countenance and his voice turned a little hoarse as he said: “You really….. look very much like your mother.”

    Qing Yu was taken aback a moment. This was seemingly the first time she had heard Yan Su mention her mother.

    [Do they really look that alike?]

    “Your mother was a very gentle woman, but her heart was incredibly strong willed, seemingly good to each and every person, and nobody seemed to be good enough for her.” Yan Su said with a bitter laugh, overcome with emotion. “Hence, how much I envied the one person she had really loved, and how fortunate he was.”

    “When I saw her for the very time many years back, I was never able to forget her. When I saw her again, she had already become someone’s wife, and….. was already with child.” Yan Su said softly, looking like he was going to to come clean on everything with them.