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Chapter 85.1 - Hidden Secret from Back Then

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 85.1: Hidden Secret from Back Then

    Because Qing Bei had already told her before when he had accidentally overheard Yan Su and Mo Han Yan’s conversation, where he had come to know that they were not Yan Su’s biological children. So when he was telling them that, the two siblings were not all that surprised.

    At that moment, Yan Su looked like he had fallen deep into the thick and blurry past.

    “I did not know why she was all alone when she was with child. I asked her about it before, where the child’s father was, but she did not tell me.”

    Yan Su heaved a deep sigh when he spoke of that, his gaze filled with endless regret. “I just cannot imagine when such a woman was carrying a child in her, how could that man just let her remain out there all by herself. She had been so proud back then, and to think that she would fall to such a fate….. If I had not insisted that she stay in the Duke’s Manor to take care of her while she was pregnant with you, I fear that the two of you might not have safely descended onto this world.”

    Qing Yu and Qing Bei just listened quietly, never having ever expected that their mother would have such a thing happen to her in her past.

    That she had been pitifully left to wander, without a fixed place to call home. And where had their so called father gone to? The man that had moved the heart of their proud and strong willed mother, to make her willing to carry her child for him….. Where was he? !

    “Although she had not told me who that man was till the end, I could feel that she really loved him…..” Yan Su said softly, his gaze becoming gentle as he looked at the pair of siblings who looked so much like each other. “And also the two of you.”

    “Your names were given to you by your mother. Qing is your mother’s surname and her name is Qing Fei.”

    “Qing Fei…..”

    Qing Yu unconsciously muttered out aloud. [So that was what their mother’s name was.]

    “I have neglected the two of you all this time for so many years and I have broken my promise I made to her back then. She had been too cruel to me, and also too cruel to her flesh and blood.” Yan Su’s voice was a little choked up and he held both his hands up, covering his face, like he was struggling to stop the tears surging up within.

    “Back when she was in labour, the granny taking care of her said that she had mistakenly taken abortion inducing medicine that would cause her to bleed profusely and it would kill her if left untreated, though Mo Han Yan had played a part in that. But right after that, she then suddenly disappeared without a trace.”

    “I was devastated with grief and had wanted to give her a proper burial for her to rest in peace, but she had not even left her dead body behind. No one knew of this matter as everyone who was involved in it were all secretly disposed of by me. I am telling this only to the two of you. Qing Fei’s grave is empty and it is only a memorial. Although I do not know where she had gone to, to have abandoned even her own flesh and blood, there is one thing I am very certain of. She did not die.”

    “She had never told me where she was from because she did not want to implicate me, but her cultivation was highly profound, and also a high leveled Elixir Cultivator. I have a feeling that she might be intricately linked to the highest level realm, the legendary Cloud Heaven.”

    “Qin Fang told me that the two of you possess extraordinary gift which is even more outstanding than Ning Er’s and I was thinking that this shows that you two are indeed the children of that woman, Qing Fei.”

    “If the two of you have the opportunity to go to the top level realm, you may then find some clues towards finding your mother…..”

    After Yan Su came clean with them on everything, the feelings of the pair of siblings were rather heavy and complicated.

    After they went back to the Tranquil Abode, they did not bother with the stunned faces of the servants when they saw Qing Bei walking his way in, but remained sombre and silent for a long time, the air hanging around them stifling and depressing.

    If their mother was still alive, then what kind of secret was hidden behind this?

    From what Yan Su said, since their mother loved them, why had she left without a single word, and left her children into the care of an outsider?

    This was something that they did not understand, nor was it something they could accept.

    “Little Bei, do you want to go to Cloud Heaven?”