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Chapter 85.2 - Hidden Secret from Back Then

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 85.2: Hidden Secret from Back Then

    It was not known how much time passed but the setting sun could be seen aglow outside. The sky was ablaze with a fiery red, looking exceptionally brilliant.

    Qing Bei’s lowered lashes moved and he then opened his mouth to say: “Yes, I want to, and I need to. But I know that I am still not strong enough now so before that, I shall strive to make myself stronger, to possess enough power to go see Mother.”

    “You will.” Qing Yu said, ruffling the hair on his head. “And I’ll always be by your side.”

    “Mm.” The youth’s eyes were warm and gentle, as he looked at her sentimentally from under her palm. “And now, I no longer have to hide from others by pretending to be crippled at last. That woman Mo Han Yan has revealed her true self and I fear that despite having pretended to go into seclusion for cleansing cultivation for so many years, she would now really need to go into seclusion for real. Otherwise, once she steps out through the doors, she will surely drown from everyone’s spit.”

    Hearing the youth’s words, Qing Yu was slightly surprised and she retracted her hand as she asked in puzzlement: “When I came back, there was a very thick scent of Drunken Immortal Flowers and you should have been affected by the drug. Haven’t you recovered a little quickly from it?”

    And when she had seen him in the main hall earlier, he had clearly looked completely listless and dispirited.

    Qing Bei raised up an eyebrow and gave a rather devious smile. “I had indeed fallen under the drug’s effects but a larger part of it was feigned. Such low grade poisons and drugs can’t do much to me at this point already.”

    “Oh? And why is that?”

    “The credit for this goes to Little Snow. It had sucked out the toxins in my body for three whole years and I am always together with it all the time nowadays. Over time, I discovered that my body’s constitution had changed quite a bit and I have built up a certain amount of resistance against drugs and poisons.”

    Qing Yu was highly taken aback by what she heard, like she had never thought that such a amazing thing could happen. This was really a blessing in disguise and she then said as she shook her head helplessly: “Then you must really thank Little Snow properly. That toad has really earned great credit this time.”

    “Of course! When it comes back after it has finished playing outside, I will personally go catch a big large jar of worms for it to eat.” Qing Bei said, his face shining with delight.


    Little Snow was a thousand year old Ice Toad and it drinks only dew and feeds on fresh flowers. You want to go catch a whole jarful of worms….. Are you serious?

    Night fell, and Qing Bei had been studying very intently into the modified Lightning Summoning Palm manual recently. After Qing Yu gave him some pointers in a few areas, he had immediately come to comprehend its contents, and he had been able to deduce even further into it to invent an even higher level palm strike, which caused Qing Yu to be greatly pleased.

    Upon the table, the tiny little Snow Toad just sat there, its mouth croaking like a drum like it was eating something.

    Only upon closer inspection would one see that there were round lustrous white jade like elixir pills that numbered as many as several tens on the table. The little fella was almost smacking its lips as it ate the pills one at a time, seemingly highly satisfied as it ate.

    It was great that it was with an Elixir Cultivator as its Mistress. It had all these high grade elixirs everyday that it could eat like little candy sweets, which not only filled its stomach but also increased its spirit power in cultivation. All these years, Qing Yu had reared Little Snow into becoming a toad with such tender flesh and silky smooth skin, and it could very well be said that it was one of the prettiest looking toad there was around.

    Qing Yu shook her head helplessly and she walked over to poke at the little creature’s abdomen. In the end, it nearly choked on an elixir from the sudden provocation and very nearly couldn’t catch its breath. It then glared balefully at its Mistress with its round and googly eyes.

    [Wahhh! Why did you stab me in the stomach out of the blue! ? Don’t you know you might have become a murderer of a toad like that? !]

    “Tsk! You’re glaring at me?” Qing Yu was amused by its expression and she went on to poke at its soft stomach once more out of curiosity. “You are just such a tiny little fella, how can you eat so much? You have already eaten more than a hundred pills of these elixirs in one sitting and aren’t you afraid you’ll stuff yourself to death? More importantly, do you know what you ate is actually several hundred thousand taels of gold here?”