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Chapter 86.1 - Dark Sovereign Snake

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 86.1: Dark Sovereign Snake

    “Chief! Don’t torture yourself like that anymore! Stop doing that~”

    A good looking youth with a smooth and fair complexion exclaimed anxiously. When he had come back, he had paced about in the surrounding area a few times but had not dared to go forward. The few other people beside him were also at a loss on what to do, their faces looking highly conflicted.

    What made it more terrifying to see was a tall and large figure standing by the window. From the light shining inside, it projected the shadow of countless black snake heads weaving madly upon the window, seeming to occupy a good half of his entire body that was continuing to spawn at a horrifying speed. Sharp hissing could be heard intermittently and a malevolent looking snake’s head then bore out from inside his body, through flesh and blood.

    That could no longer be called a human, but a monster whose body had been taken over by countless snake heads.

    That man held a sharp sword in his hand, the expression on his face looking like he had gone a little mad as he swung the blade repeatedly to slice off those snake heads, like it made him feel just a tad bit better. But everytime he cut them off, those snake heads would turn into a pool of blood once they hit the ground, to respawn at an even more maniacal speed.

    Those snake heads had not suffered damage from his actions but it just made him become even more weak, as those snake heads materialized from his own blood and what he was doing was merely injuring himself further to make himself gain a moment of consolation.

    “Chief, don’t hurt yourself like this anymore. Feng Qi had gone to bring the the Mu Family of Elixir Cultivators’ Young Miss Mu to come treat your condition. You will be able to recover from this very soon.” The good looking youth said with his face all creased up.

    Another burly and muscular man with coarse hard looks also said in a deep voice: “Ah Zhan, you are the main pillar of the Assassination Temple. For the sake of the Assassination Temple, you’ve got to pull yourself together. You are such a proud man, how can you possibly lose your mind over this mere snake poison! ?”

    The man who had a good half of his body all covered with snake heads and his eyes red had a unbelievably agonizing expression on his face. Because of the excruciating torment, he had bitten through the skin on his lips and blood was trickling down the corner of his mouth. Together with those snake heads weaving madly about, anyone who was a little more timid might very well die from fright at the sight.

    “Snake poison….. This isn’t snake poison…..” The man had his teeth tightly clenched together as he paused between every word, and his voice which was low and raspy sounded filled with despair broke out in laughter. “No one will be able to save me. No one can…..”

    He was talking like he knew something, his body exuding the scent of death, harbouring absolutely no hope of surviving through this. There were countless times that he wanted to end his own life, but his brothers in arms who had gone through life and death with him had not once given up on him, trying all ways and means to save him.

    It was already midnight and it was time that people were all sound asleep, but a particular courtyard in the capital’s suburbs was brightly lit with lamps. If not for Feng Qi’s explanation that the strange affliction relapsed only at night, Mu Lai would not have rushed her way over here at the expense of her sleep.

    And having just stepped inside they had already heard that agonising roar, which caused Feng Qi to reach the room at an extremely fast speed. “Ah Zhan, Young Miss Mu has come…..”

    “Feng Qi, dodge quickly…..”

    At almost at the same moment that the door was opened, a dark shadow filled with sinister malevolence shot right straight towards his face. Feng Qi’s eyes widened as he stared, and before his body even reacted, something tightened around his waist. A soft whip had coiled around his body which brought him away to safety.

    That black shadow then fell onto a patch of grass in front. Under the light from the moon, he saw the patch of grass that had been thriving suddenly turn into dark ash, rotted away.