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Chapter 86.2 - Dark Sovereign Snake

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 86.2: Dark Sovereign Snake

    A chilling shiver ran through Feng Qi unconsciously and he went on to say with trepidation in his voice: “Thank you Young Miss Mu for lending a helping hand.”

    If it wasn’t for the fact that Mu Lai had coiled her whip around him and brought him out of harm’s way, it was feared that he would now have been reduced into a set of skeletal bones already.

    “No problem.” Mu Lai narrowed her eyes. If she had really seen what she thought she did, it had looked very much like the head of some sort of a beast.

    In that instant that it had fallen to the ground, it had turned into a pool of blood which then rotted away a whole patch of grass. When the wind blew over that rotted patch of grass, a strange smell then spread into the air. The expression on her face changed and she quickly shouted: “Cover your nose and mouth quick, and hold your breath!”

    Mu Chi and Feng Qi who were right beside her immediately did as they were told upon hearing that. Mu Lai took out two elixir pills and said to them: “Eat it. They are antidote pills.”

    She was a Elixir Cultivator and had always been fiddling with herbs and medicines since she was very young, developing her sense of smell to become highly sensitive. Poisons that attacked one’s body through smell wouldn’t have any effect on her but it was different for most other people. Even a little bit of the smell could possibly deliver a lethal strike upon them.

    [Just what kind of a poison was this that it was so powerful?]

    Mu Lai’s gaze stared icily into the room that was now open and he could see several tall male figures standing stiffly in there.

    And under the flickering candlelight, the image of a horrifying figure was projected on the paper of the window. It looked like a man with a very tall stature but the figure was tall in a rather unusual way. Right at the top was a thick and massive snake’s head with its jaws wide open and spitting out its long forked tongue, its eyes big as bronze bells that flashed with an evil red light.

    “What is….. that thing?” Mu Chi’s eyes were wide as he stared, his face growing slightly pale as looked at the massive and indistinct figure projected upon the window.

    Feng Qi also stood there in a daze, stunned in place completely.

    That thick and powerful looking snake head hissed menacingly and its brutal and tyrannical power sent everyone in the room flying away.

    Those men were all part of the highly mysterious Ten Great Assassins who possessed profound cultivation but they were at that moment like flies who were unable to retaliate at all as they crashed heavily to the ground and they all vomited out a mouthful of blood.

    The man inside who had been overtaken by devilry had at that moment lost all his rationality.

    “Feng Qi….. Bring them away!” One of the man said as he struggled to stand up. His voice weak as he continued to say: “Ah Zhan is no longer rational and has lost control of his body. Do not let the Assassination Temple’s affair implicate the innocent.”

    Inside the room was a tumultuous bout of chaotic roars as the towering figure revealed its real identity.

    The man’s face was fully covered with the snake scales, his red eyes filled with ruthless and malevolent murder. Half his body was human and the other half was filled with a nauseating writhing bunch of black snake heads.

    And right above the top of his head, the leading snake head stood poised, its blood red, large bronze bell eyes staring excitedly at the bunch of men before it. Spitting out its forked tongue, it then let out a highly raspy voice that grated on the ears to say: “So much highly nourishing food…..”

    The expression on everyone’s faces changed. [This abomination is actually capable of human speech? That was an ability that only spirit beasts above the eighth grade can possibly possess! Could it be…..]

    Just as they were all silently making their own deductions, a cold and scornful voice sounded suddenly, the female saying in a highly indifferent tone: “What are you? I have seen many spirit beasts who have yet to attain their physical forms but this is the first time I am seeing one that’s like you, such an audacious monster that dares to try to forcibly take over a human body.”

    The leading snake head looked taken aback before it then weaved its head in the air, lowering itself down to get a better look at her. Its raspy voice sounded highly amused as it said: “What an interesting little doll we have here. To think that you are not afraid at all. This is my first time encountering such an interesting soul and I think it will increase my spirit powers by quite a lot after I devour you.”