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Chapter 86.3 - Dark Sovereign Snake

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 86.3: Dark Sovereign Snake

    “Unfortunately for you, that is just wishful thinking on your part.” Mu Lai’s eyes narrowed up. “According to ancient texts, massive body forms depict weakness and seeing that your image is still so light and faint, I think you are not any kind of spirit beast but have just inherited a bit of the shape and form of some spirit beast with someone controlling you from behind the scenes, and that is how you possess such power and is capable of human speech.”

    The Sovereign of All Snakes lives by absorbing human blood and reproduces at an alarming rate at night. Moreover, their blood harbours lethal poison which can corrode all living things. You are the King of All Snakes and you are manipulating all the rest to invade this flesh body and after they have completely taken over it, you will then possess a human body for yourself.,”

    Mu Lai’s words had not only caused the men from the Assassination Temple to be highly shocked but it had also made the massive snake head widen its eyes as it stared at her, its expression looking rather startled.

    “A pity this human flesh body’s will power is too powerful and you still have not managed to succeed in conquering it even after wearing it down for several months.” Mu Lai lifted up the ends of her lips chillingly. “Ranked second in Snake Black Magic, the Dark Sovereign Snake. I wonder if what I say is correct?”

    The enormous snake head narrowed its eyes and flicked its forked tongue out.” I can see that the little doll is not all that ordinary, to think that you know about my origins. Hiss….. But all of you are destined to die here today.”

    Upon saying that, it had already made the body it had occupied initiate an attack, sending out tens of flying snake shadows with a lift of his hand. Everyone immediately dodged in a flash, where the snake shadows then fell into a pool of water, instantly turning the water in the pool an inky black.

    “Sis, what do we do? Are we really going to leave our lives behind here today?” Mu Chi said a little mournfully. “It’s all my fault. If I had not gone to seek your help to save this person, you would not have been dragged into this. Now things have come to this. No need to mention saving anyone, we can only pray for someone to save us now!”

    Mu Lai’s soft whip whizzed through the air at amazing speed, and she said as she dispersed those snake shadows: “I have only come across such snake black magic in the medical texts within the Mu Family’s Library and it did not mention in detail on how to break the spell. So I will only be able to suppress this and not uproot it completely.”

    “Then aren’t we all finished then?” Mu Chi’s face looked like it was going to cry, almost filled with despair. A moment’s distraction almost caused him to be struck by those snake shadows which frightened him into focusing his attention on the situation at hand, and not dare to be distracted anymore.

    The men from the Assassination Temple were feeling rather guilty that they had dragged the two people into this and hence they did everything they could to shield the siblings, thinking to let them retreat. This was afterall something that had gone beyond anything they could have expected and there was no need for them to offend an Elixir Cultivator Family on top of that.

    “Young Miss Mu, we have been thoughtless this time and have implicated both of you into this. We are very thankful that you were able to come forth to lend us your assistance but you should go ahead leave here!” Feng Qi came in close to say.

    Mu Lai shook her head with her brows creased up. “I can see that the Dark Sovereign Snake has its murderous intent elicited and would not let me off so easily anymore. If I am to leave now, not only would all of you be killed but it would be so excited by the slaughter it would have carried out here that it would go running on a rampage of massacre out there. The Imperial Capital is not that far away from here and it would cause the people great alarm.”

    “Then what should we do? Is the Assassination Temple going to disappear from the face of these lands henceforth! ?” Feng Qi said with a saddened sigh.

    Mu Lai’s gaze darkened and she then muttered in a low voice: “If I am able to find that friend of mine, maybe….. there is still hope for us. She knows a lot about black magic and curses and is above me in terms of knowledge in Medicine.”

    Feng Qi dodged the shadowy snake attack and struggled to answer. “Is that really true? Where is this friend of yours now?”