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Chapter 87.1 - I Came to Get Reinforcements

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 87.1: I Came to Get Reinforcements

    When that was brought up, Mu Lai seemed to become a little depressed and was slightly angry. “I do not know where my friend is, and besides a name, I know nothing else.”

    Feng Qi was at a loss for words. “…..” [Young Miss Mu, are you serious?]

    [After filling my heart with such great delight thinking that we will soon be saved, you are now actually telling me that you do not know where this friend of yours is…..]

    [This must be how it feels when one goes from being up in the Heavens and falls into Hell!]

    Mu Chi who was not far away from them also choked upon hearing her reply. [Was his sister kidding here? It must be said it would be a rather lame joke if she was, and it really wasn’t that appropriate a moment for jokes was it?]

    [They were all here right before the jaws of life and death and can you not crack jokes at a time like this to try to liven up the atmosphere?]

    Seeing their faces all filled with pure and utter despair, like she had just committed the most unpardonable crime, Mu Lai’s temple twitched and she said through tightly clenched teeth. “I really only know just the name. She is called Qing Yu and throughout the entire lands, besides that god of slaughter in the Water Edge Kingdom who is surnamed Qing, no one else has that surname!’

    [Maybe she had even lied about her name!]

    Mu Chi was a little further away and had not heard that very clearly but faintly heard Qing something being mentioned. He then subconsciously asked: “What’s the name again?”

    “She’s called Qing Yu.”


    In the Tranquil Abode, Qing Bei had just come to comprehend a new realm in the Lightning Summoning Palm. He was feeling highly happy and was in exceptionally high spirits, so even when it was already very late, he did not feel the slightest bit of lethargy.

    Just as he was going to tell Qing Yu the good news, his ears moved slightly when he heard the sound of movements that were rushing towards them. It was probably due to the advancement in his cultivation that his hearing had become more sensitive than before.

    The handsome eyes narrowed. [It was already so late. Could it be that that woman Mo Han Yan still has not given up on getting rid of them and she had sent assassins to come kill them?]

    [Heh. His hands were just itching and he had had nowhere to vent.]

    The door of the room further in rattled as it was opened. Qing Bei was taken aback a moment. “Sis, you have not gone to sleep yet?”

    The white clothes on the young lady was neat and tidy without a single crease in them, her eyes were clear, without the slightest hint of grogginess like a person who had just woken up.

    “With them kicking up such a great din, it’s hard for me to not wake up.” Qing Yu said darkly. She was already about to go to sleep but had then sense the irregular movements before she gave up on that idea, wanting to see what sort of demons and monsters were creeping in.

    Qing Bei was a little surprised when he heard that. He had only sensed those faint movements because his cultivation had advanced so very quickly and here she was saying….. kicking up such a great din?

    [Looks like the disparity between them is still very great!] Qing Bei lamented to himself with a sigh.

    Seeing that the people who were seeking to barge into the Tranquil Abode had already come into the courtyard and were already right behind the door, Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow and the points of three golden needles glinted sharply and chillingly in the dark room.

    But the strange thing was, the person was suddenly standing outside the door and did not move. It was a good while before the person stretched out a hand and knocked on the door.

    [? ?]

    Qing Yu exchanged a glance with the equally puzzled Qing Bei. [What kind of a situation is this? A change in tact? Courtesy before using force? ?]

    Based on the rule that I do not move when the enemy remains still, the person outside the door did not move and the siblings naturally remained still as well. But in the very next second, the person outside actually stuck his hand onto the door and pushed experimentally on the door to open it. At that same moment, the gold needles on Qing Yu’s fingertips shot out.

    The person outside the door, was in fact Mu Chi whom the men in the Assassination Temple had fought valiantly to shield and protect to allow him to escape.

    When he heard the two words Qing Yu that Mu Lai had said with her own mouth, he had thought that he must have heard wrongly. The demoness and Qing Yu were two completely different kinds of people and were worlds apart from each other. How could they possibly come to know each other and it was said they on rather good terms?