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Chapter 87.2 - I Came to Get Reinforcements

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 87.2: I Came to Get Reinforcements

    But when Mu Lai started to describe that the person was a highly alluring young lady who looked devilishly handsome when disguised as a young male youth, Mu Chi immediately thought of that person, that one young lady who had moved his heart. He could still remember that awkward and slightly embarrassed expression she had back on the night he had uncovered her disguise.

    Now that he had come here again, Mu Chi was feeling rather conflicted in his heart.

    But he did not have time to think much about it as the sound of air being torn through coming straight towards his face made him subconsciously feel danger, causing him to leap at lightning speed to dodge to one side. However, the speed of the golden needle was just too fast and one of them scratched his cheek, causing a drop of blood to flow out.

    “It’s you?” Upon seeing who the person was, Qing Bei’s eyes widened in surprise . [Isn’t this the man who came here to the Tranquil Abode previously to confess his feelings to Qing Yu? And it seems like he is also the dethroned Sixth Prince? ?]

    [What is he doing coming to the Tranquil Abode at this time of the night? And doing it so sneakily at that!]

    Qing Yu was also startled for a moment, looking like she had never once ever thought that the intruder was not an assassin, but Mu Chi, whom she had pranked once before, and she immediately reacted. “Are you alright! ?”

    Her needles were coated with poison and she hoped that he had not been struck by them.

    Mu Chi shook his head. “It’s just a scratch. I’m fine.”

    Qing Yu tossed him a little porcelain bottle. “Take the antidote just in case anyway. Although the wound is tiny, the potency of my poisons are not.”

    “Thanks.” Mu Chi said as he pulled out the bottle’s stopper with his teeth, poured out the pill inside and took it. The discomfort that was just surging up them then faded away by quite a bit.

    Qing Yu lifted up her phoenix like eyes that were shining with interest as she looked at the rather wretched looking young man measuring him up. “What happened to you? Did you get into a fight?”

    The young man smiled bitterly. “It wasn’t a fight. It was a bashing.”

    “To think such a thing can happen.” Qing Yu crossed her arms, and said in a calm and unruffled manner: “And you came to my Tranquil Abode in the middle of the night seeking refuge?”

    The first time they had met, this fella was being pursued by killers and his body succumbed to poison, coming to fall among her herb beds.

    “No. Qing Yu, I came here to ask for your help to go save people. We are running out of time. Can I fill you in on the details along the way?” Mu Chi said, his expression looking rather flustered as he spoke.

    Although the villa in the capital’s suburbs was not that far away from the Eternal Peace Duke Manor, he had still taken a good amount of time to get here, and that was after he had executed the light steps skill to shorten the time by quite a bit.

    “Save people?” Qing Yu was taken aback. “Now?”

    “Yes, now. Time waits for no man. Every moment wasted here will put them all in increasing danger.”

    The young man who always had a mischievous smile on his face and rebelled against conformity had a stern and serious face at that moment. “They are fighting someone who is afflicted with the Dark Sovereign Snake curse, ranked second in snake black magic. His body has been overtaken to the point that his mind is no longer clear and he currently on a rampage of slaughter. My elder sister said that only you are able to dispel this snake black magic and I only barely managed to escape being shielded by all of them. If you do not go save them now, any delay will cost them a few more lives!”

    Lives were at stake. Qing Yu retracted her smile. “Give me just one moment.”

    Seeing her dig through a whole pile of bottles and flasks, Qing Bei pressed his lips tightly together and asked in a soft voice: “Do you need me to help?”

    “No need for that. Little Bei, you just remain here in the manor. In case anything unexpected happens, I do not want you to get hurt.” Qing Yu said without even raising her head, before she then quickly stood up and went walking outside.

    “Please be careful.” Seeing that, Qing Bei did not continue to insist, but just called out to her in reminder.

    “Don’t worry, I will be fine.” Qing Yu gave him a reassuring smile, and then leapt out over the back door of the side courtyard.

    At that moment within the villa in the capital’s suburbs, the entire place was in complete disarray.