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Chapter 87.3 - I Came to Get Reinforcements

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 87.3: I Came to Get Reinforcements

    Because the shadowy snakes the Dark Sovereign Snake shot out were highly corrosive, everyone was forced into a passive situation, constantly dodging. Moreover, that was the body of their comrade and before they have ascertained that he could no longer be saved, they could not make themselves harm him in anyway.

    “Chief! Wake up! Do not allow the monster to control you anymore!”

    A good looking youth dodged to the side and a shadowy snake brushed his clothes. The cloth immediately rotted away a little. A little bit more and it would have hurt the flesh underneath.

    His body subconsciously broke into a bout of cold sweat. He just had a close brush with death and just managed to escape by a hair’s breadth.

    Looking at the hideous looking man whose face no longer showed any humanity, the young man’s face grew red rimmed. To think that the man who was so powerful and had always fought shoulder to shoulder with them all in the past, would finally fall into such a state now. Why must fate be so cruel to him! ?

    “Ah Zhan, have you really given up already? Didn’t you say that you will make the Carefree Valley take the top position among the Three Great Sects one day? Didn’t you say that as long as you still live, the Assassination Temple will forever exist? Are you going to admit defeat? !”

    The burly and muscular man with coarse hard looks swung a punch towards the massive leading snake head. The explosive force caught the snake head completely off guard and its vision and mind blurred for a minute.

    At that same moment, the body of the man with the red rimmed eyes quivered and his mind was restored to clarity for a moment.

    He saw that every single one of his brothers were all in such a wretched shape, all of them carrying significant injuries, the expression of their faces in agony. The leading snake head was currently in another bout of frenzy as it battled for control of the body. The thousands of tiny snake heads weaving and swaying vigorously as they struggled, like two separate consciousness were locked in a tumultuous fight, both seeking to gain the upper hand.

    “Argh~~~ Arghhhh~~~ Kill me!!! Just kill me!!!”

    The man’s tall and slender frame suddenly fell down into a kneel, his hands clasped around his head in a pitiful and mournful wail as blood tears fell from inside his eyes, a hopeless and terrifying sight. “Kill me….. Kill me now!”

    “Ah Zhan~~~”

    “Heh heh heh, don’t think you can be rid of me. Such a great shell of a body will finally become mine!” The snake head said in haughty arrogance as it broke into a series of maniacal laughter.

    Mu Lai gripped the soft whip in her hand tightly and her eyes darkened. [It’s too late. Looking at the situation, even if Mu Chi manages to find the person, it is feared that the man would not survive.]

    Seeing the man in such torment and agony, a sense of hopelessness rose up in Mu Lai’s heart for the first time. She was an Elixir Cultivator but she was not able to do anything to save this man who was suffering such torturous pain in front of her.

    After another bout of agonized and rage filled roars, while still under the control of the leading snake head, the man suddenly raised up the sword gripped in his hand, and he viciously stabbed it straight towards his own heart, which stunned everyone at the scene.

    “Ah Zhan, stop it!”

    “Damn you human! You dare to seek your own death! ?”

    Among the raging roars between the leading snake head and everyone else from the Assassination Temple, the faint sound of a soft tinkle rang out almost unnoticeably. The sword in the man’s hand was struck and sent flying out of his hand, and the leading snake head let out a loud and deafening roar as the thick cluster of tiny snake heads let out a series of agonized hissing.

    The sound of light footsteps then sounded inside the villa.

    Everyone turned around to look, and they all saw a young lady in a pure and untainted white dress, who seemed like she was treading upon the silver white light of the moon on the ground, her exquisite and alluring contenance fair and mesmerizing as it reflected the moon’s rays, a slight smile hanging from the edge of her lips, her demeanor so leisurely she could very well have been taking a stroll in her own courtyard at home.

    And with the approach of the young lady, the massive lead snake head suddenly cried out in pain, and the tiny multitude of snake heads started to shrivel and fade away, at a speed that was highly alarming to everyone.

    The young lady arched up an eyebrow. “Hmm? Why are you running away for?”