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Chapter 88.1 - He’s Not Human

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 88.1: He’s Not Human

    It was so clear to see that it was such a pure and harmless smile but what that massive and malevolent looking lead snake head saw was a smile that was as terrifying as Hell.

    [This human young lady….. Just who is she really? How could she possibly possess such a powerful and oppressive aura! ?]

    From the moment that she appeared, the lead snake head started to feel a kind of fear that burned from deep within its soul, making it feel so frightened that it immediately wanted to seek to flee and scatter.

    But at that moment, it was as if it was trapped within that shell of flesh, and no matter how hard it tried to struggle, it was still unable to escape. With the unbelievably fearful roars and the helpless struggling from the lead snake head, the other smaller snake heads were all also hissing incessantly in terror.

    And the moment the young lady appeared, a series of events that happened caused everyone to be stunned in their spots.

    She looked to be merely only slightly over ten years of age, so frail and weak looking. But that extraordinary air she commanded was impossible to disregard, a kind of nobility and power that she seemed to be born with, that every single one of them just unconsciously accepted and became irrecoverably convinced to believe.

    The young lady in her white dress slowly came in closer to the monster of a man who was covered with countless snake heads, the enormous lead snake head’s almost ephemeral bronze bell sized eyes widening as it stared at her. The tinier snake heads below were so terrified they all drooped down, not moving an inch, except for a slight timid trembling, almost a little adorable to look at.

    Qing Yu did not find it funny and said inwardly within in an emotionless voice. “Enough Little Burrow. Stop fooling around. It’s almost frightened to death by you already.”

    [That’s a little too shameless. With the oppressive aura of a Divine Artifact of the Lost Ancients like yours, how can a insignificant shrimp like this possibly withstand it? Aren’t you bullying the weak here?]

    Zang Mai sneered in contempt. “Okay okay. Who’s trying to scare them? So timid and they dare to come out and commit such a deed. This is just the low level lands afterall, if it had gone to the high leveled lands where divine beasts above the tenth grade roam all over the place, it would be crushed in a second without even a speck of it left behind.”

    Qing Yu would naturally not have the ability to cause the lead snake head to be so helplessly frightened and the key to that was the fella inside her body instead.

    Although it was a weapon spirit, the amazing thing was that Zang Mai was an extremely rare Divine Beast Weapon Spirit. Its original form was a Enormous Golden Rhino Python, of an absolute Emperor grade among beast types, and he had come to encounter a similar species today, so in terms of grading alone, he already overwhelmingly quashed the Dark Sovereign Snake.

    “Hmm? This person is a little strange.” Zang Mai said suddenly in surprise.

    “What is it?” Qing Yu asked as she turned to look. At that moment, the man was probably had his spirit energy completely depleted and had fainted, but looking at the features on his countenance, his flesh features did not look too bad.

    But, is there something wrong?

    “He’s not human.” The golden haired youth spat out those words with clear certainty.

    Qing Yu was a little confused, and could not react to it for a moment. “Huh?”

    [What did he mean….. by not human?]

    “Mistress, do you know why that thing wants to take over his flesh body?” Zang Mai said as he clicked his tongue a couple of times, like he had just discovered something interesting.

    “Inside this man….. Half of his blood’s lineage is of the snake tribe and the bloodline is of a rather high grade. This is why he has drawn this thing in, and I think it has coveted this flesh body for a long time, but had not succeeded all this time because the power of the man’s bloodline was too strong. It must have been in a situation when the man was in a very weak and frail state that it was able to take advantage of the lapse.”

    “Bloodline of the snake tribe?” Qing Yu was a little surprised. “Then is he and Little Ye…..”

    Since the beginning of time, the wolf tribe and the snake tribe….. had always been mortal enemies…..”

    [So, should she save this person?]

    “Mistress, when this man’s bloodline fully awakens in future, his ability will not be below that of that kid, Qing Ye Li’s. He might come to be of use to you.” Zang Mai then opened his mouth to suggest.