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Chapter 88.2 - He’s Not Human

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 88.2: He’s Not Human

    “Hmm….. I didn’t think so much into it. Sigh~ Saving a life accumulates more good karma than erecting a seven storey pagoda anyway!” Qing Yu muttered helplessly, and then crouched herself down.

    The ephemeral shadowy lead snake head had probably been so terrorized by Little Burrow’s oppressive aura that it had lost all ability to defend itself that it gave up on struggling any further and it was merely just waiting for death to come.

    [It knows its own situation at least.]

    Qing Yu curled up her lips, and a ball of golden red flame suddenly burned in her palm. She then formed a claw with her fingers and she clasped it over the man’s Spirit Heaven Lid, right on the top of his head.

    The men from the Assassination Temple on the sides went pale with shock. Before they could even react, they saw the young lady retract her palm and her other hand quickly taking out a small transparent porcelain bottle. She hit the mouth of the bottle once and then immediately stoppered it.

    The series of actions had all happened within a very short period of two breaths’ time.

    Everyone then turned to look at the bottle in the young lady’s palm and saw a tiny ball of golden red flame inside swirling incessantly around a pitch black creature that was long and thin like an earthworm.

    And upon the man lying on the floor, all the countless densely packed snake heads had already disappeared without a trace without any of them noticing it at all. Besides the blood covering his body all over, he had finally come to look like a human once again.

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and looked at the speechless and flabbergasted men who looked like their souls had departed from their bodies before she said with a light laugh. “His body is alright now. You can take him away and clean him up. Let him soak in a bath with this as well.”

    Upon saying that, she then tossed the bottle containing the little earthworm in her hand to Feng Qi standing right at the front.

    He caught it instinctively and then stared at the writhing creature which had turned all red from being burnt before he asked: “What is this?”

    Qing Yu could not help but smile. “The Dark Sovereign Snake’s original form. Snake Voodoo.”

    Hearing that, Feng Qi almost threw the bottle right out from his hands in shock and he turned his wide eyed gaze to stare at her. “Soak in a bath….. with this ! ?”

    “You have not heard me wrongly. Soak it in his bathwater. I have already refined it with elixir fire and it is now a form of medicine, which will now absorb the remaining toxins out of his body. It will become useless thereafter and it can be gotten rid of after that.” Qing Yu went on to explain.

    “Thank you Miss for lending a helping hand. I wonder who the young Miss is…..”

    Feng Qi had not even finished asking when the sound of a flurry of hurried footsteps reached them. Mu Chi came running in panting heavily. “How….. How is it…..”

    It was only after he came in that he discovered that the man who had looked like a monster had reverted to his original state and the atmosphere was unbelievably quiet. “All settled?”

    Qing Yu looked at him gasping heavily for breath and her phoenix like eyes raised slightly. “I asked you to come with me but you refused. Are you tired?”

    “How would I know if you really meant it?” Mu Chi lamented with a mournful face.

    Earlier when she was coming out from the Eternal Peace Duke Manor, after Qing Yu ascertained the location she had asked in suggestion, that she could bring him along to pass through dimensional space, which would save him quite a bit of time.

    Mu Chi had instead given her a “you’ve got to be kidding” look indicating he did not believe a word of it. The skill of passing through dimensional space was something that only people from the high level lands were capable of and a very rare few in the middle level lands possessed that ability.

    And unexpectedly, she had actually just disappeared from right before his eyes!

    Mu Chi then felt that from the moment he came to know her, he had been constantly witnessing amazing things. Divine skills in Medicine, mysterious and unfathomable methods employed, high level skill like passing through dimensional space, and he does not know how many more secrets there were.

    [She’s an absolute freak!]

    Hearing the grouse filled tone in his voice, Qing Yu looked at him without any expression on her face. “I never make such superfluous statements.”

    Mu Chi immediately wanted to vomit blood in that instant. [She’s so unbelievably self assured.]