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Chapter 88.3 - He’s Not Human

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 88.3: He’s Not Human

    “Could you be the friend that Young Miss Mu mentioned about? The Elixir Cultivator with exquisite skills in Medicine?” When Feng Qi saw Mu Chi come in following right behind and the two of them were acting like they were familiar with each other, he was able to immediately guess the other party’s identity.

    “That’s right. That’s her.” Another cold and emotionless female voice rang out.

    That was when Qing Yu then noticed the person in black battle clothes, a tall and slender figured lady. She had been standing with her body slanted sideways, and now that she had turned her body, her face could now be seen fully.

    That face wouldn’t be considered to be all that outstanding and could even be termed as ordinary looking, inconspicuous when placed among a crowd.  But she was born with a pair of extremely beautiful eyes that rippled with autumn waters, sparkling and enchanting, which only lent an added outstanding quality to her otherwise rather plain countenance.

    Demeanor cold and distant, who looked highly arrogant, hard for people to get close to.

    But it was that haughty air and demeanor that made Qing Yu remember who that person was.

    Her haughtiness was different from Yan Ning Luo’s cold indifference that made her seem like she did not even consume mortal food, but it was as if this lady had been born just like that, so proud and aloof that she could not bother herself with anyone at all, like no one was even worth her paying them any notice. Hence that unlikeable personality caused her to have bad affinity with people, where she could not claim to have any friends that she could even talk to at all.

    But people with this kind of personality were also highly extreme. Either they viewed everything with nothing but contempt, but when they cared about a particular person, they would dig down deep into their hearts and offer everything they had to the person, regardless of what it would cost them, they would do it with no regrets.

    Because for people with such a personality, a close friend was hard to come by, and anyone that they came to care about, was extremely rare to them as well.

    She had said that she did not have any friends, but for Qing Yu, this was the only friend she recognized as her own.

    Qing Yu remembered that it was roughly about four years ago when she was still cracking her head on how she was going to treat Little Bei’s legs.

    The Polar Core Fire was something once could chance upon but never to seek. She had almost scourged through all the most terrifying and dangerous places throughout the lands and it was one of those times that she encountered a bunch of people being attacked by a rarely seen seventh grade spirit beast.

    She was only ten years old then, and the oldest one among that bunch was about eighteen. She still remembered how the bunch of people had wanted to draw the attention of the seventh grade spirit beast away for them to escape, and they had dumped a little young girl there.

    She had initially not wanted to stick her nose into other people’s business but when she saw how weak and frail that little young girl was, but her eyes burned with an indescribably vicious bloodthirstiness even when the spirit beast was a hundred times larger in size. She did not stop fighting the beast despite the fact her body was all covered with wounds that were bleeding freely.

    Upon seeing that she was finally about to be completely drained out and devoured by the beast, and Qing Yu had thought that the little girl had given up on struggling, the little girl then used every last ounce of strength in her body as she tensed up, driving the dagger hidden in her sleeve down in a vicious thrust that stabbed the massive beast blind. That completely infuriated the enormous beast and its sharp claws reached out, about to tear her to shreds.

    It was right in that instant that Qing Yu was moved by the little girl, where she moved to rescue the little girl from under the massive beast’s claws. She shot the golden needles coated with lethal poison she carried on her into the beast’s body, and its gargantuan body then suddenly crashed to the ground, killed by poison.

    Qing Yu bandaged the little girl’s wounds, and all throughout that, the little girl’s clear and cold eyes did not leave Qing Yu at all.

    She then said: “Those people are my siblings from the family clan I grew up in. When I tried my best to protect them, they all then turned around and used me as prey, abandoning me completely.”

    “Besides my Father, no one has ever treated me as nicely as you have. From now onwards, you are a friend of Mu Lai’s, my one and only friend.”

    One and only….. friend.

    Qing Yu was taken aback by the serious tone of the little girl’s voice a moment before her mouth then split into a smile. “I am highly honoured. My name is Qing Yu.”