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Chapter 89.1 - Incredible Secre

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 89.1: Incredible Secret

    She still remembered that it was at a spirit beast’s lair in the northern part of the Constellation Lands.

    Since the beginning of time, Divine Lingzhi herbs was always closely guarded by a spirit beast and Qing Yu had also gone there to try her luck as well.

    After she saved Mu Lai, they had spent about half a month’s time with each other. But due to some strange series of events, they encountered a beast stampede. It was not known what kind of a terrifyingly enormous creature could have caused the many thousands of beasts to become so agitated, which then kicked up a powerful sandstorm.

    Qing Yu was caught off guard for a moment and was immediately pulled into it. By the time she landed, she suddenly found herself in the White Fen Lands’ border where she then came across Lou Jun Yao and his gang and she successfully seized from their hands a high vintage Polar Fire Core that was filled with robust spirit power.

    For many years after that, Qing Yu did not meet the little girl again. Afterall, besides her name, she knew nothing else about the girl.

    As she was highly focused only on her cultivation and did not pay much attention to worldly affairs, she was not aware that after Mu Lai escaped from calamity, Mu Lai sent people to search for her in that place for three whole months. When no news resulted from the search, Mu Lai was depressed for a long while and she became even more cold and aloof.

    Now that they saw each other again, with the changes over four whole years, the puerile countenances of the two people had blossomed, far different from the way they had looked when they were younger. But there were certain people that you do not need to judge by the way they looked as the extraordinary flair and incomparable grace they carried just drew people’s gazes upon them unconsciously.

    There was no doubt that both Qing Yu and Mu Lai belonged to such a group of people, ones who possessed that special and unique flair.

    The first time they met, the little girl’s dressing had been highly unsuited for one at her age, so dark and sombre in all black, making her highly unapproachable.

    But Qing Yu knew that the little girl had an extremely soft heart. Qing Yu then blinked her eyes and said in a soft and gentle voice: “Lai Lai, it’s been a long time.”

    The body of the cold and indifferent girl in black clothes suddenly stiffened a moment, and the ears hidden beneath her hair reddened almost unnoticeably.

    That affectionate term used to address her. That was the name she was called by, Lai Lai.

    Even her father had not called her by such an affectionate name.

    From that year that they lost contact, no matter how long had passed, she firmly believed that the person was still alive, but was just in a place that she did not know about.

    Although so many years had passed, she had never once forgotten that such a person existed, the one whom even when she was abandoned by kin from her own clan, had rescued her from right under the sharp claws of that spirit beast.

    The one who had bandaged her wounds, the one who had stayed together with her in that dangerous and pitch dark lair of the spirit beast.

    The one whose back was shown to her unguardedly, and when food was found to ease their hunger, she was the one who ate first.

    The one who took care of her when she was wounded, the one who kept watch while she slept.

    It had been clear that that person was a little girl younger than she was, but had moved her heart completely, to care for someone so much, and to like so much.

    And at that moment, that one person was right before her eyes, smiling at her.

    Mu Chi was sensing the strange atmosphere in that scene, seeing that the expression on his older sister’s face did not feel right.

    Just as he was suspecting that some dispute because of love or hatred had happened between them before, he suddenly saw Mu Lai’s body move, to take a few steps forward, before she stretched her hands out and grabbed Qing Yu in a big hug.

    Mu Chi’s jaw almost dropped. “….. ? ? !”

    [She….. hugged her! ?]

    Mu Lai was very tall, the kind that could gaze over all the heads of others among females, so when she embraced the similarly tall Qing Yu in her arms, although she was just about half a head taller, she looked to be clearly taking position of the elder sister in that scene!

    The two people, one in white and one in black, just stood them locked in an embrace, and it was hard to describe but it felt like they were kind of a….. well matched! ?