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Chapter 89.2 - Incredible Secre

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 89.2: Incredible Secret

    Mu Chi was taken aback by his own shocking thought and he quickly shook his head to shake off that messed up thought in his head.

    Doesn’t Qing Yu already have someone she likes already? And he had even met him before. It was a very handsome looking and highly powerful man, so he was certain that there was no problem with Qing Yu’s sexual orientation.

    But as for his elder sister….. He really did not dare guarantee it!

    For that strong and dominating woman, where men were weak as chickens in her eyes, she was much more manly then men around her.

    There was no need to mention the women. To her, they were all just a bunch of frail and weakly white lotuses who plotted and schemed pretentiously against each other to get ahead. She hated those weak and dainty little ladies the most and if they come to encounter her on a bad day, she would not hesitate to speak with her fists.

    He had never seen Mu Lai show anyone polite courtesy, needless to mention such intimate action.

    So….. could the person that Mu Lai really likes….. be Qing Yu? !

    The expression on Mu Chi’s face was utterly horrified and he had never thought that he could be so sharp!

    He seemed to have discovered a very incredible secret! !

    Suddenly being embraced, Qing Yu was stunned for a moment as well before she then said softly with a smile: “Have you been well?”

    The scene felt strangely familiar. Why did her friends seem to like using an embrace to express their delight and excitement in their hearts?

    Hearing that, Mu Lai released her and her gaze stared deeply at the young lady with her exquisite featured countenance. “So….. you are a daughter of the Duke of Eternal Peace.”

    No wonder she had not been able to find a single trace no matter how hard she tried. She would never have thought that the young lady would really be from the Eternal Peace Duke Manor.

    “I had not thought that the Young Miss of such a famous Elixir Cultivators family would be Lai Lai, you’re really very good!” Qing Yu smiled and said, her eyes two smiling arcs.

    But after Mu Lai heard that, there was no hint of a smile on her face. Her eyes dimmed as she looked at Qing Yu. “Famous? Are you mocking me? If I was really so famous, then why have you not come look for me before? You must not care all that much for a friend like this right…..”

    Those words were clearly said in a calm tone and without any traces of emotion, but Qing Yu could still detect a sliver of sadness and aggrievement.

    Qing Yu then sighed slightly. “After that time, I was brought to the White Fen Lands and it took me a good half year of floundering before I managed to come back. The recovery of my younger brother’s legs was also going through a critical stage and we had to defend against rounds of scheming and assassination plots one after another. I really could not pull myself out of all that at all.”

    About Qing Yu’s younger brother’s condition, back when the two of them just got to know each other, Mu Lai had come to know about it, aware that he was a youth with quite a unfortunate fate in life. So hearing Qing Yu mention that, she could not help but ask. “How is he now?”

    “He can already stand up. Back when I came to land in the White Fen Lands, I actually came across a superior grade Polar Fire Core. That kid then received fortuitous luck out of misfortune where not only were his legs cured, his meridians were cleansed and boosted, to turn into a prodigy from his wrecked and ruined body.” Qing Yu shook her head as she said with a smile, comforted by the great fortune of that silly little fella back home.

    Mu Lai raised her head up slowly. “That is also sweetness that came only after so much bitter suffering.” After saying that, she then remembered something and raised her eyes up to ask: “In the selection trials of the sects that are six months away, have you made any decisions about that?”

    Qing Yu was a little surprised by Mu Lai’s question. “Mm. Both Little Bei and I will be going to the Faint Mist Sect.”

    “What a coincidence.” Mu Lai said as she raised an eyebrow. “I am also going to the Faint Mist Sect, but I am not interested in their selection trials at all. I need the Faint Mist Sect’s spirit spring water to help me breakthrough to become a Golden Grade level Elixir Cultivator.”

    Qing Yu nodded her head in understanding and then smiled. “Then that means that I will have another companion at that time.”