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Chapter 89.3 - Incredible Secre

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 89.3: Incredible Secret

    “Great, then it’s agreed that we’ll meet there.” Mu Lai said as her gaze deepened. “This time, I will not be unable to find you anymore.”

    Qing Yu could not help but be speechless and to laugh helplessly.

    On the side, Mu Chi watched how the two of them were chatting away merrily and he was already numb from the shock. To think that the haughty and arrogant woman could really have such a gentle side to her. He was almost blinded by this absolutely incredible sight.

    But there was one thing he was even more certain of. The person Mu Lai liked was definitely Qing Yu!

    The good looking face was twisted up into a ball. [Should he….. be kind hearted and go remind Qing Yu? She was afterall someone he had liked before and although she did not like him back, but having caught Mu Lai’s eye….. that was a really very dangerous thing!]

    On the other side, Mu Lai was instead waving for him to go over, her demeanor showing a rare moment of amicability, where even her icy face that would not change in a thousand years was now showing a faint hint of a smile. “Ah Chi, Qing Yu is the only friend that I recognize and she had saved my life before. But….. How did you two come to know each other?”

    Mu Lai had not forgotten that he had been the one who suggested that he would go find Qing Yu. He had never thought that the person she had not been able to find for so many years had just been found by him.

    But Mu Chi had been in the Limitless Sect all this time and just came out occasionally once in a while. He would always either come back to the Mu Family to see his father or go look for his friends for drinks. So how had he come to know Qing Yu?

    Mu Chi had not yet responded when Qing Yu said helplessly with a light laugh: “I really have quite a strong affinity with you siblings. He had a bit too much to drink before and fell into other people’s treachery, where he fell in my courtyard gravely poisoned. I saved him.”

    “Mm. And extorted a million in gold out of me.” Mu Chi then said, as he cast a mournful glance at her.

    Hearing that, Mu Lai snorted derisively and her face turned contemptuous. “Do you know how high Qing Yu’s level is as an Elixir Cultivator? The elixirs she cultivate are of full and complete purity, without the slightest contamination of any impurities. Almost not a single Elixir Cultivator in these lands is able to achieve such a perfect level of purity at all. Do you that if one of her elixirs is taken out to be sold in the black market, it will be a loss at a million in gold?”

    Mu Chi was speechless. “…..” [So he has earned from this?]

    But….. he had only made just one statement. Sis, aren’t you being too highly protective here? [And look clearly here. This is your younger brother you are saying that too. Don’t you think you are defending the wrong person here? ?]

    Qing Yu could not help but laugh as she watched the two siblings squabbling with each other. She then looked out at the sky and saw that it was nearing the dawn as the colours were just about to change.

    As the people from the Assassination Temple had been too worried about their comrade’s injuries, they had immediately taken Ah Zhan back to his room upon hearing Qing Yu’s instructions, cleaning out his wounds and putting him in the bath to absorb the poison out of him.

    Mu Lai and the rest spoke for a while out there and they then went together to check on the man’s condition.

    Because he had to soak in the water for a good four hours, the man was still in the bathtub as the steam rose around him. His eyes were closed and his face had become a little rosy from the comforting heat.

    After the malevolent and horrifying looking snake head that had invaded his body was now gone, it could be seen that the man was actually exceptionally good looking. The exquisite features on his face did not pale in comparison to a woman’s, eyes deepset, his stunning brows extending almost to his temples, the kind of man that captivated people with just one glance. It was not known just how stunning those eyes would be when they were open.

    But the most attractive part of that face was at the edge just below his left eye, where there was a black floral blossom barely the size of a fingernail, small and petite. Even though it was so tiny, the layers of its petals could be seen, its shape highly unique, a species that had never been seen before.

    With that black blossom under his eye, it gave him an added sense of devilish mystery.