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Chapter 90.1 - Divine Level Assassin

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 90.1: Divine Level Assassin

    People born with extraordinary facial physiognomy usually exemplifies propitious signs in their lives. Like Yan Ning Luo who was born with a Violet Abyss Bloom on her forehead, was determined that she was destined to live the life of a phoenix, her future deemed to reach unmeasurable heights.

    They were also some born with fiendish signs, their lives doomed to encounter many calamities, set to bring misfortune upon their closest kin. And this man before their eyes despite his set of handsome facial countenance, had because of that black floral bloom below his eye, looked evil and devilish.

    With all her travels across the lands, the things Mu Lai had seen and heard were naturally more than Qing Yu who did not care about anything that happened in the world around her. When Mu Lai saw that unique bloom on the man’s face, the expression on her face was slightly startled and she then opened her mouth to ask in surprise: “Could this man….. possibly be the one right at the top of the assassin’s ranking chart, the Soul Summoner, Xi Zhan Chen?”

    Once those words came out, the men from the Assassin’s Temple were all taken aback a moment, never thinking that she would actually know Ah Zhan’s real identity.

    “Xi Zhan Chen? He is really Xi Zhan Chen? ! The highly powerful pugilist known as the only divine level assassin throughout the lands? ! !”

    At the back, Mu Chi’s face was one of stupefied shock, his tone of voice highly agitated and excited, like he had just seen a famous person he greatly admired, unable to contain the joy bursting out of his heart.

    [That is Xi Zhan Chen right there! And the mystery surrounding him and his level of powers were in no way inferior to the Duke of Vast Seas at all!]

    But compared to the overly mysterious Duke of Vast Seas, there were just too many rumours about Xi Zhan Chen going around. This notorious and infamous divine level killer of the Assassin Alliance, was a target that all assassins highly revered and worshipped.

    One could count the number of missions Xi Zhan Chen had taken up after he became famous with just the fingers on one hand. Based on just the number of times he had taken up missions, one would be able to see just how high a price he commanded. Unless it was an exceptionally difficult mission that no one else was able to undertake, or he would never accept the mission. And he had never once failed.

    The name Soul Summoner had stemmed from how anyone whom he set his eye on, would all die a premature death within twenty four hours without exception, and just before their deaths, they would suffer such extreme shock and terror that their souls left their bodies, his ways and methods unfathomable.

    The most shocking rumour was that he was once contracted by a great entity to assassinate a highly respected and senior ranked Clan Elder from the White Fen Lands’ Four Great Family Clans. It was said that the target was a few full levels above him in cultivation but he had completed that impossible mission without any pressure. The amount of commission paid by the contractor at that time was rumoured to be eighty million taels of gold and a hundred superior grade spirit beast core crystals.

    That kind of remuneration paid had really sent all the assassins into shivers. That was the divine great level indeed, and they could only watch feeling inferior, knowing they would never be able to attain that.

    “I would not have thought that the chief mastermind of the Assassination Temple is Xi Zhan Chen.” Mu Lai was also a little surprised and she then asked in puzzlement. “But he is such a powerful man, how did he…..”

    It was impossible to imagine that the man who had looked neither man nor ghost and had lost his mind to a maniacal rage earlier was this same man here.

    Feng Qi glanced at the man in the bathtub who had his eyes tightly shut and let out a sigh. “We do not know what happened either. Unless Ah Zhan has accepted a mission, otherwise he would not step out of the Assassination Temple in most circumstances.

    He had previously shown some occasional signs of dizziness and double vision before and we had thought that he was merely too tired, never thinking that the situation would become worse and worse to end up like this, to the point that many Elixir Cultivators did not even dare to treat him.”

    Qing Yu asked with a slight smile: “I heard that he assassinated a person from the White Fen Lands’ Four Great Family Clans. I wonder if it was from the Nangong Family Clan?”

    “How does the young Miss know?” It was a matter that was only known internally and it was a secret to people outside. How did this young lady know that it was someone from the Nangong Family Clan! ?

    Mu Lai also looked at her in surprise, her eyes seemingly questioning.