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Chapter 90.2 - Divine Level Assassin

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 90.2: Divine Level Assassin

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and her gaze dimmed as she said: “I went to the White Fen Lands by accident once before and stayed there for about half a years time, so I know quite a bit of that place. Among the Four Family Clans, only the Nangong Family Clan are skilled in black magic and voodoo arts, adept in rearing and and cultivating creatures used in curses. Every single one of their people has a voodoo insect implanted in their bodies from birth and they accompany their host in growth. If their hosts come to meet with a premature death, the voodoo insect would follow the order given by their hosts just before they die to take revenge upon the culprit who killed the host.”

    After her voice fell, she then paused a moment as her gaze glanced at the black coloured bloom and said in a meaningful tone. “He is rather fortunate in life…..”

    He was merely afflicted with snake voodoo, and to him who was of the snake tribe’s bloodline, it wouldn’t cause him much harm, but just momentary torment and would not risk his life in anyway.

    After hearing her explanation, the men then came to understand.

    The gaze of that handsome young youth then darkened and he said in a cold voice: “Those people from the Nangong Family Clan are really vicious. They made the Chief suffer so much torture. The day will come that we will make them pay back in folds.”

    “With this matter regarding Ah Zhan, we hope that the few of you will keep in secret. Afterall, there are many people vying voraciously for his life and it will be very dangerous for him before he makes a full recovery.”

    Among the men, the burly and towering figure of a man took a step forward, to say in a stern voice.

    “Don’t worry, none of us here are blabbermouths. Moreover…..” Mu Lai’s gaze then glanced at the man in the bathtub as he said slowly. “Xi Zhan Chen is one of the very few people among assassins that I rather admire.”

    Assassins were known to everyone in the world to be people that were heartless and merciless, cruel and bloodthirsty. But Xi Zhan Chen was a man of strict principle. He would never strike against the weak elderly, women or children. Using his words, it meant that a killer should never strike the defenceless, as that would only insult the weapon that held in their hands.

    Dawn was breaking and the few of them did not tarry much longer. Although the men from the Assassination Temple tried their best to ask them to stay, that they must wait till Xi Zhan Chen regains consciousness to thank them personally, they were still rejected.

    Just before they parted, Qing Yu subconsciously glanced at the blossom just below Xi Zhan Chen’s eye and it was not known whether it was due to a moment of hallucination but she seemed to feel that the flower that had originally only bloomed halfway had actually blossomed further, looking even more devilishly beautiful.

    — Next Day —

    Although she had not slept the entire night, but just meditating for the span of a half day in her dimensional space would wash away all feeling of exhaustion and sleepiness for Qing Yu.

    Hence she had woken up just as early as always that day, when the leaves and petals in her herb beds were still covered in morning dew, pristine and crystalline with exceptional beauty, looking highly robust and thriving with vitality.

    Mo Han Yan had not come out to move about ever since the last incident and she had probably already given up completely. To avoid all the strange gazes from everyone else, she had seemingly come to a complete rest.

    But she would most definitely have sent word to Yan Ning Luo and added lots of spice in her letter so that when Qing Yu went to the Faint Mist Sect, Yan Ning Luo would surely seek revenge for her mother which would ensure that Qing Yu’s life in there would not be dull.

    The training in the wilderness that Qin Fang had arranged for them was set to happen in the next few days and when Qing Yu recalled back about the place she had gone to survey a few days before, she felt that the mosquito and bug problem there at night was highly important. In order to not let herself be bugged to death and be unable to sleep throughout the night, Qing Yu specially made several herb bags that would kill the bugs and mosquitoes, so that she would not have to fear that problem.

    If all those revered elderly Elixir Cultivators came to know that she had used her exquisite knowledge in Medicine to cultivate mere bug killers, they would surely be snorting till their beards bristled and stare at her angrily while admonishing her of the ignorant use of knowledge and a complete waste of talent.