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Chapter 90.3 - Divine Level Assassin

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 90.3: Divine Level Assassin

    On the other side, Mu Lai had returned to the Mu Family and only dozed for slightly more than two hours when a servant came bright and early in the morning to pass word that the Family Head wanted her to go to the front hall.

    After Mu Lai came in rather late, she was stunned for a moment when she saw two good quality black sandalwood boxes placed in the front hall before she asked in bewilderment: “What are they?”

    The Mu Family Head, Mu Qing Tian was seated up upon the main seat with a gentle and refined face. Although he was already about forty years of age, but that countenance still looked exceptionally young and good looking. He looked at Mu Lai’s surprised expression that was quite rare to see and could not help but shake his head in laughter. “I was going to ask you just when did my precious daughter become the Carefree Valley’s benefactor?”

    “Carefree Valley?” Mu Lai arched up an eyebrow, unable to react in that instant.

    “They were sent here by the Carefree Valley early this morning and they specifically said that they were thank you gifts for the Mu Family’s Eldest Young Miss.” Mu Qing Tian opened his mouth to say, and then signalled to a servant at the side to open the boxes. Mu Lai’s gaze turned to look and saw an entire box of glittering gold pieces, and that the other box was filled with countless beast type spirit cores.

    Such shocking generosity, it even astounded Mu Qing Tian.

    But the Carefree Valley’s people had not even waited long enough for him to refuse the gift. The person who delivered the gift had immediately left without giving him any chance to do that.

    Underserved remuneration without merit. It was like a hot potato in Mu Qing Tian’s hands and he had immediately summoned Mu Lai in for questioning.

    Mu Lai’s eyes glinted and she then said indifferently: “I merely happened to save someone from the Assassination Temple and this is probably the reward they are giving in return!”

    That lass Qing Yu was used to concealing herself and if she did not want anyone to find her, no one would be able to find any trace of her. The Assassination Temple had most probably been unable to locate her and they had then sent these things here to her instead.

    Hearing that, Mu Qing Tian’s face looked a little concerned. “I see. You must not come to have any close links with these people from the Carefree Valley. To the people out there, they are an unorthodox sect and our Mu Family have always steered clear of people from the sects.”

    “Father, I understand.” Mu Lai replied. “But I have been stuck at the Elixir Cultivator’s Silver level eighth grade and that is why I need to make a trip to go to the Faint Mist Sect in half a year’s time for the sect’s selection trials. I intend to fight to breakthrough to the Gold level in one go.”

    Mu Qing Tian nodded his head in satisfaction. “It is good that you have such strong resolve. Among the Mu Family’s younger generation, we are all depending on you.”

    In the Mu Family currently, most of the younger juniors possess only average talent. Besides Mu Lai whom he is highly proud of, none of the young men and ladies from the branches of the family were outstanding which just made Mu Qing Tian unable to help himself but to sigh at times, fearing that the Elixir Cultivation Family Clan would fall into decline with that generation.

    Towards Mu Qing Tian’s depressed demeanor, how could Mu Lai possibly not know what he was thinking in his heart? She patted him lightly on the shoulder and said: “Father, rest assured. I will bring the Mu Family to glorious new heights together with you. The Elixir Cultivator Family Clan will not fall into decline forever.”

    Mu Qing Tian nodded his head, comforted by the words.

    Here on the other end, after Mu Chi parted ways with Mu Lai, he was preparing himself to return to the Limitless Sect, as the sect’s recruitment trials would begin in six months, where the Three Great Sects would recruit a new batch of fresh blood.

    And in two months, it would be the sect’s internal contests for its disciples. Every sect would have their top ten ranks and the top hundred ranking charts. Those who fall out of the top hundred, would be demoted to become regular disciples.

    So whenever this period nears, all those who were not on the charts would be eyeing for a spot covetously and the ones on the charts would be jittery and nervous, afraid that they would fall off the chart, tirelessly working hard to increase their powers day and night.

    Before Mu Chi left, he went to see someone.