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Chapter 91.3 - The Truth is Just That Cruel

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 91.3: The Truth is Just That Cruel

    “What did you say?” Xuanyuan Che’s eyes widened incredulously as he fell back a step. “How could the Imperial Concubine…..”

    That beautiful and elegant woman was in such a high position and she was pregnant with an Imperial heir, which was such matter of such high glory. She should have been highly protective of the child in her abdomen so how could she possibly get herself involved in something so absurd like an illicit affair with another man? There must be something more to it no matter how one looked at it!

    Seeing him show a look of such utter disbelief, Mu Chi then curled up the corners of his lips mockingly. “You asked me why I had my identity as the Imperial heir denounced, and was made to suffer punishment? Ha! Of course the brilliant and honourable Emperor back then had thought that since my mother dared to do such a abhorable deed, maybe I am also a bastard child from some other men as well! Despite the fact my highly aged maternal grandfather had knelt outside the main hall to beg for benevolence to have me spared, and he had even refused to prove my lineage through dripping a drop of our blood to see if they joined.”

    When he spoke about that, Mu Chi then laughed out loud, his face slowly coming closer. So close that Xuanyuan Che was able to clearly see his own reflection in the young man’s crystal clear eyes, the young man’s breath coming out through Mu Chi’s slightly open mouth lightly brushing over Xuanyuan Che’s cheek.

    “I hate you. That’s right. There were many times I nearly lost control and wanted to kill you.”

    The young man’s eyes were so beautiful it seemed they could almost talk, coming to be tainted with murder in an instant.

    “All of it had been the work of your mother, that gentle and virtuous Empress.” Mu Chi said, pausing between each and every word, the expression on his face mocking and filled with ridicule. “How hilarious it is that my mother had treated her as close as a sister for so many years. Just because the Imperial Physician deduced that it was another prince in her abdomen, and because everyone else were saying that I am the one who has the ability to vie for the position of becoming the heir against you.”

    Mu Chi hated not just the Empress, he hated Xuanyuan Che, and the person he hated the most was himself.

    He should not have displayed his own talents, should not have gotten close to Xuanyuan Che, and really shouldn’t have competed with Xuanyuan Che in everything which then caused the Empress to grow wary, which went on to cause his little brother to be cruelly harmed before he could even be born, and brought harm upon the mother whom had loved him so much.

    “I do not believe that!” Xuanyuan Che pushed Mu Chi away from him harshly. “How could my Mother possibly do something like this?”

    “Ha, it’s up to you whether you want to believe or not.” Mu Chi’s lips stiffened. “Why do you think she isn’t able to sleep well at night for so many years and turned to Buddhism, becoming a staunch vegetarian? That is because she had cruelly taken the lives of two people, the first one my mother’s, the second being my little brother who did not have the affinity to come into this world, whose aggrieved spirits have been haunting your mother to return them their lives.”

    Although the Mu Family is a family clan of Elixir Cultivators, but back in the day, my mother not only possessed outstanding skills in Medicine, she was also a Spirit Master. So if there was aggrievement and injustice present before death, her spirit would continue to haunt the person who brought upon her death.” Mu Chi said very slowly.

    He stared at Xuanyuan Che who was in a daze, looking like he had been dealt an enormous blow. Mu Chi curled up the corners of his lips and picked up the wine urn with one hand. He took a large gulping swallow with a throw of his head backwards before he wiped the trickle of wine that had spilled out the corners of his mouth with his sleeve indifferently, and then lifted his foot to walk out from there.

    At the very moment he stood outside, his footsteps halted a moment as he said emotionlessly. “I know that this matter does not have anything to do with you, but what happened back then is something I will never be able to forget. So Xuanyuan Che, I had originally not wanted to bring the matter up ever again, but since everything is out in the open now, then we can only do this. The two of us are probably….. no destined to be brothers, and in future, we should just treat each other as strangers.”

    Upon saying that, the tall slender body then gradually went further into the distance.


    [Ha! You wish.]

    A glint of darkness then flashed across the man’s gentle and refined face, and the exquisite wine cup in his hand was suddenly crushed into dust.