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Chapter 92.1 - Hades’ Canyon

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 92.1: Hades’ Canyon

    The day for training in the wilderness arrived in the blink of an eye.

    Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu had received strict instructions from their mother that if they were not able to establish friendly relations with the pair of siblings from the Tranquil Abode, they must remember that they must at least not become enemies.

    Although the two sisters did not know the reason for that, but upon hearing that even the highly shrewd Mo Han Yan who was known to be brilliant and sophisticated in her ways had fallen before that pair of siblings, the hearts of the sisters immediately quivered in trepidation, quietening themselves down.

    It was heard that the lass Qing Yu was even a Elixir Cultivator as well, and following behind her might just earn them some advantages, and the two sisters started hatching their own plans.

    Qin Fang came bright and early to the Eternal Peace Duke Manor, at roughly the time that the servants were just waking up. The sky was just turning the colour of a fish’s underbelly over the horizon and he had not expected that he would see two figures standing at the door, seeming like they had already been waiting there for very long.

    Qin Fang’s face lit up with a tinge of admiration and he walked over there to say: “The two of you woke up so early?”

    The two people stopped their conversation when they saw that Qin Fang had come and Qing Yu smiled as she said: “Even the Elder is here so early, how can we possibly expect you to wait for us instead.”

    Qin Fang nodded his head in satisfaction. He had originally set the time as the third quarter of the Mao hour just at dawn and he had come about half an hour early. But it was clear to see that these two young ones had been waiting here for a long time and he liked people who were on time very much.

    Because it was not time yet, and the sisters Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu had not yet come, Qin Fang then chatted with the pair of siblings for a while.

    His wise and intelligent gaze then looked on appraisingly at the young lady with that countenance of peerless beauty and her smiling eyes. Without knowing why, he could not help but feel that the lass was hiding quite a lot of secrets. From the time that she managed to hide her highly profound cultivation back before, Qin Fang was already a little suspicious that her real abilities were actually more than she was showing.

    With that thought in mind, he then asked carefully probingly: “Do you know why I want all of you to set off from here early?”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu pressed her lips together in a smile and she then turned to look towards the youth beside her with an eyebrow arched up.

    “You want us to get into the habit of waking up early, so that our bodies are able to adjust to its optimum state, which would aid us greatly in our cultivation?”

    Qin Fang’s brows creased into a frown as he shook his head.

    Qing Yu chuckled softly and then said: “Because we are going to the Hades’ Canyon this time and the place is filled with a thick vaporous miasma which grows even thicker under the beating of the sun’s rays. But once it reaches the Mao hour, the miasma will recede and we will only be able to enter that place at this time. Otherwise, once the sky grows bright, we’ll not even be able to find the entrance into the place.”

    Hearing Qing Yu’s explanation, the youth then nodded his head in understanding.

    Qin Fang then said in surprise: “How did you know that we’ll be going to Hades’ Canyon? And how did you come to know about the time the miasma will recede?”

    “Over the recent period, the Elder has spoken to us about many places filled with various dangers, and described the characteristics and weaknesses of many types of spirit beasts. The Hades’ Canyon is a place that is famously known to have many spirit beasts, where all kinds and variety of them roam, and the level of danger in this place is not exceptionally high, considered to be just slightly above average in level, which is most suitable for us, people who are undergoing training in the wilderness for the first time.”

    “As for the time the miasma recedes…..” Qing Yu’s words paused a moment, before she then continued in a slightly pleased tone: “I discovered that when I went to the perimeters of Hades’ Canyon and remained there overnight.”

    The young lady’s words astounded Qin Fang even more.

    That also meant, under the circumstances that nothing had been revealed to her, she had based merely on the small signs and little clues he had unconsciously revealed over the recent period with his words, to deduce and ascertain the location of their wilderness training he had decided upon!